Tacoma Axle Ripped Out in Cringe-worthy Video

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Toyota Tacoma

New video helps (somewhat) clarify what caused this poor Tacoma’s off-road mishap. 

Recently, we came across an Instagram post that showed the aftermath of a Toyota Tacoma TRD that lost its rear axle in an off-road incident. The handful of pictures and videos only served to feed our suspicions as to how something like this could possibly happen to a new truck. But now, new information has surfaced that helps clear things up. Well, at least a little. And it starts with this video showing the actual moment the axle was ripped from our poor Tacoma.

Two of the dumbest people I’ve ever crossed paths with. #toyota #offroading #newtruck #sfv #4×4 #fail #oops

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As previously suspected, it’s clear that the Tacoma got stuck and an FJ Cruiser was working to winch it out. But it’s clear from the start that there’s a problem. The wheels on the Tacoma aren’t moving, and the noises coming from it are enough to send chills down your spine. And even as it’s abundantly clear that things are going very wrong, nobody says anything. All they can say is “it’s good! Keep steering how you’re steering it!” Insert giant face palm.

Then, the owner surfaced over at Tacoma World and tried to at least explain what happened. “Going up a steep incline with rocks and dirt. I guess I slipped off a rock, breaking the u-bolt of the passenger rear. Which turned into my axle breaking my driveshaft and shock.”

Trying to get the rear diffrential underneath his truck! We did it safe way! Possible dont blame me for that guy went under the truck! Lol 🤣video by dhee

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And then, in a later post, he attempts to shift blame to the guys who “helped” him out. “Then some guys came saying ‘hey man we winch people out let’s do this.’ We tied the driveshaft so it wouldn’t get stuck in the dirt. I said let me tie the axle to the leaf springs and the dumb*** was like ‘no, you don’t need to.’ You saw the video. You saw what happened, and then those f*****s bounced. A lot of it’s my fault for listening to dumb**** but it is what it is”

The truth, as they say, probably lies somewhere in between. Some on Instagram speculate that perhaps things weren’t tightened up properly. But if nothing else, let this incident serve as an important lesson – be careful who you trust out on the trails!

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