Special 1981 Toyota 4×4 Is Brought Back to Life

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1981 Toyota 4x4 Restored

After buying this Toyota pickup new and having it sit in a barn for the past five years, the OP has gotten ‘Dixie’ back on the road.

Forum member yotantn purchased his 1981 Toyota 4×4 pickup brand new back in the spring of 1981 and he has had it since then. It was the first vehicle that he bought himself and when he started his build thread back in 2012, the truck had been sitting in his barn for a few years. However, he had decided to clean up the truck that he named Dixie back in the 80s, documenting the entire five-year process on the forum.

The Introduction

When the OP introduced us to his 1981 Toyota 4×4 pickup build project, he started by explaining why this particular truck was so special.

1981 Toyota with Camper

I bought Dixie new in the spring 1981. My first vehicle I paid for. $260.21 for 4 years at 17% interest. LOL. NO A/C. First date with my wife in it/College/ my life. Then, I had kids, more life, bills, travel, work, etc. and Dixie just got left in the barn. Listened to lots of Alabama, drank a little (sitting in the drive inn or the lake, not driving), stained the top with Marlboro 100’s in a box, put a camper top on it and the wife and I had a lot of fun with that.

I’m starting to get to the place in my life now and in the mood now to resurrect her. This is her as she sits now:

1981 Toyota in a Barn

I don’t expect her to ever be what she was. Heck, I’m not. LOL. But I do want to get her going again. It’ll take a lot of money I don’t have, but…you don’t live but once, right? No hurries though. 86K miles. Did have air added on it. Right now I just want to get her cranked. Last time I turned her over was about 4 years ago. But, I did try last fall and she’d kick, but wouldn’t keep running. Just idle down. I’m good with some parts, but not carbs. Gonna get a guy down the road to maybe check the carb out. I’ve siphoned all the gas I could get out.

Shoot, she’s in pretty good shape for 31. Just wanted to say hi and let you know what I’ve got in front of me. And yes, I know it’ll cost more than it’s worth. But, I also know what it’s worth to me..and now my kids. They’re PUMPED to get it going again. Kinda funny how it’s leaked over into my daughter’s boyfriend wants to help. Family project I reckon.

He also included a handful of pictures in the “before” form, sitting in the barn covered in dust, safe from the elements, but in need of some serious attention.

1981 Toyota Interior

A Look at the Old Days

Before getting into the restoration process of this 1981 Toyota pickup, the OP shared a collection of pictures of Dixie in her prime – playing in the mud, conquering the snow and serving as his wedding vehicle.

1981 Toyota in Mud

In seeing these, there is little question as to why the OP kept the truck all of these years and why he decided to begin taking the steps to get his 1981 Toyota running great and looking great.

1981 Toyota Wedding

Before beginning the full process, the OP and his son gave Dixie a bath in the barn, at which point we saw that the truck was in pretty nice shape for its age.

1981 Toyota Clean in the Barn

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