Toyota 4Runner Owner Enjoys Historic Hawaii Snowfall

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Toyota 4Runner

Four foot snow drifts struck a Maui state park for the first time in history, driving giddy Toyota fans out in droves.

As you probably already know, it rarely snows in Hawaii. Heck, temperatures rarely dip below 80 degrees on most parts of the islands. With the exception of the top mountain peaks, that is. So when a historic storm brought snow to Maui’s Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area for the very first time in history recently, it was quite the shock. Most folks, of course, avoided the area. But a bunch of Toyota owners jumped at the one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play around in the white stuff.

That included Toyota 4Runner owner and Maui resident Lance Endo. Endo’s friend, who was camping out at the park, sent him a text to alert him of the dusting. Endo immediately jumped in his Toyota and made the hour trip. “I just wanted to play in the snow,” Endo told The Daily Mail. “I wanted my kids to see something that’s very unusual in Hawaii.” After traveling up into the park, Endo headed back down into Haleakala, which reportedly had drifts up to four feet.


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Guess where every Toyota was today. We must of passed 100 on the way down . And one element

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According to officials, the dusting that coated Polipoli, which sits at an elevation of 6,200 feet above sea level, is possibly the lowest elevation sprinkling ever recorded in Hawaii. Strong waves and high winds battered much of the rest of the island. But that didn’t stop Endo and a whole bunch of his fellow Yota fans from enjoying the unprecedented weather. “Guess where every Toyota was today,” Endo said in an post on his Instagram account. “We must of passed 100 on the way down. And one Element.”

We’re betting that most folks who live up north would gladly trade places. But hey, you can’t blame these Hawaiian Toyota fans for getting a little giddy, now can you?

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