Watching This Toyota 4Runner Get Clean Is Purely Satisfying

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We love muddying up our Toyota as much as the next guy. And cleaning off all that gunk is every bit as enjoyable.

Ok, we get it. You don’t exactly see a bunch of shiny, highly detailed Toyota trucks here at YotaTech. And there’s a good reason for that, of course. Our members tend to use their trucks as intended — as off-road machines of a high caliber. Rock crawlers don’t need to be pretty, and in most cases, smashing your bodywork is just part of a good day’s outing. But we still like to keep our daily drivers in tip-top cosmetic condition.

That’s probably why we enjoyed watching Adam’s Polishes clean up a newer 4Runner so much in this oddly-satisfying video. There’s no annoying voice-overs or yapping rep to ruin the experience, just minutes of solid cleaning action. After accumulating a good bit of mud, a handy pressure washer rinses it all away like some bad memory. Then it’s on to scrubbing the wheels, tires, and inner fender liners, areas that tend to gather up lots of nasty stuff.

Toyota 4Runner

Next up, a foam cannon makes quick work of covering the Toyota in thick suds. The good old two bucket washing method finishes removing all the dirt and various crud from its flanks. And to finish it all off and give it a good shine, some quick detailing spray is a simple way to keep this Toyota looking good until the next full detail.

Toyota 4Runner

All in a day’s work for these purveyors of fine automotive cleaning/detailing products. And it makes us want to go out and give our rides the cleaning they deserve. Sadly, for most of us, sub-freezing temps make that kinda hard at the moment. So we guess we’ll just go out and tack on some more mud for now!

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