Toyota TRD Pro Trio Embarks on Epic Off-Road Trip

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On the longest off-road trail in Colorado, the Toyota TRD Pro Tacoma impresses with its many nifty features.

We already know that the brand new trio of Toyota TRD Pro models are more than capable of holding their own off-road. After all, that’s what they’re built to do, right? But the more and more we see of the ultimate Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner iterations, the more impressed we are with them. And this recent video from The Fast Lane Truck might just put an exclamation point on that universal praise.

TFLT was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of not just one, but all three brand new Toyota TRD Pro models. And not just for some lame road test, either. They were able to venture out across Colorado’s longest four-wheel drive trail, Rimrocker. It’s 160 miles of pure off-roading bliss, and the perfect testing ground for Toyota’s latest and greatest.

Toyota TRD Pro

In this first of a three-part series, TFLT shares their experiences and thoughts regarding the Toyota TRD Pro Tacoma. And right off the bat, the host of electronic goodies on the pickup shine. Engaging everything, including crawl control, makes taking the hardest line on a rocky path a snap. “Just because I can,” quips the host. “All I have to do is concentrate on driving.”

Watching the crawl control in action is pretty amazing. And as the video points out, you can accelerate and even reverse without disengaging it. Even without the rear locker engaged, crawl control is able to tackle some seriously tough terrain without breaking a sweat.

But as cool as all that is, you can still leave it off. “Frankly, I like controlling the truck myself,” TFLT says. “It’s just more fun. Sometimes, technology is enabling. And sometimes, just like a manual versus automatic, it’s more fun to do it the manual way because you have more control.”

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

So, at the end of the day, what’s the verdict on the new Toyota TRD Pro Tacoma? “I’m impressed,” TFLT says. “The Fox shocks do a really good job of keeping the wheels on the dirt. Plenty of traction, plenty of grip. The locking rear differential provides that extra oomph you need when it gets a little bit rock crawly. And it’s the right size.”

Sounds like a winner to us! Now we’re anxiously awaiting the verdict on the rest of the TRD Pro lineup.

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