A Tour of the World’s Largest Toyota Land Cruiser Museum

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A Land Cruiser lover’s dream museum filled with rare and unique models.

Located behind a non-descriptive door in Salt Lake City, Utah is one of the most amazing Toyota Land Cruiser museums in the world. And we do mean amazing.

Opening the door, the eyes feast on row after row of meticulously restored Toyota Land Cruisers spanning back decades to when it first made its way onto our shores. The Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Museum houses more than 100 vehicles and its goal is to “acquire and display one of every Land Cruiser ever produced.”  This is an audacious goal, yet driven by the desire of founder Greg Miller, it seems very reasonable.

Miller has rounded up a team of experts and relies on his friend Kurt Williams, a big Land Cruiser enthusiast and owner of Cruiser Outfitters, to help find, purchase and restore vehicles to add to the collection.

Last fall, Williams gave us a tour of this massive and impressive museum.

The first thing visitors see on the tour, besides row after row of vehicles, is the 1958 FJ 25, the first model ever to come into the United States. It resembles a Willys Jeep and has not been restored; rather it shows it age, with a beautiful patina and real foam seats.

During our visit, we parked a new 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser next to the 1958 version. It really shows how much larger newer Land Cruisers have become.

After lusting over the FJ 25, the first row is all 40s series Land Cruisers. This row shows the now iconic look of what people have come to know as an Land Cruiser – short wheelbase, two-door with a removable, hard or factory soft top.  As you move down the row and ogle over the brilliant colors with white tops and grilles, you will also see how much things have changed over the years with each generation getting more refined with nicer interiors, better seats, seat belts and nicer doors.

Walking through the 40s series, you will find U.S. models, Japanese Domestic Models and even South American models. It really is a great collection of all different types of Land Cruisers.

A Tour of the World’s Largest Toyota Land Cruiser Museum continued…

Tim Esterdahl is a regular contributor to YotaTech and Ford Truck Enthusiasts. He produces the weekly podcast Pickup Truck Talk.

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