S2000 Swapped Toyota Tacoma Looks like a Ton of Fun

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S2000 Swapped Toyota Tacoma

Installing a high-revving F20C inline-four in a Tacoma is by no means easy. But the finished product is undeniably cool!

The Honda S2000’s F20C has been one of the most popular engine swap candidates over the last several years. And for good reason. The little high revving, inline-four cylinder powerplants are just a lot of fun to ring out, no matter what they’re sitting in. But while we’ve seen loads of F20Cs in everything from old school BMWs to hot rods, we’ve never seen one in a Toyota Tacoma. Until now, that is.

Our brother site S2KI, a dedicated Honda S2000 forum, first noticed the high strung Tacoma when it popped up for sale on Craigslist. Sadly, it’s already gone, presumably sold to a new owner. But that won’t stop us from marveling at the engineering and fabrication it took to make this whole thing work. And for whatever reason, it doesn’t bother us that sticking a Honda motor in a Toyota seems like downright brand blasphemy.

Toyota Tacoma

Interestingly, this particular F20C-powered Tacoma is the second one built by the same guy. His buddy purchased this one from him with all of the hard work already done. The original owner teamed up with a local shop to help him locate the engine, transmission, and gauge cluster. They were able to source all of those critical bits from a wrecked second generation S2000 (AP2) that had only 85k miles on the clock.


As you might imagine, this was by no means a straightforward swap. Fitting the Honda drivetrain in the Tacoma required a custom transmission tunnel and modified firewall, for starters. But the finished product is certainly unique. And we’re guessing it’s a total hoot to drive, too!

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