Oh, Deer! Toyota Tacoma Wreck Creates Great Opportunity

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1999 Toyota Tacoma

After getting this Tacoma in perfect running shape, tragedy struck. But now it’ll make one nice project for someone.

Outside of pure theft, there’s nothing worse than wrecking your beloved ride. Especially if that wreck happens shortly after you pour blood, sweat, tears, and cash into your truck. But sadly, that’s exactly what happened to YotaTech member riptide and his 1999 Toyota Tacoma recently. An unfortunate run in with a deer tore up his freshly installed 2001 front end. And now that his patience and time have run thin, he’s listed the truck for sale right here in the Marketplace.

Thus, tragedy seems to have created a nice opportunity for someone with the skills and ability to undo the damage that nature has done to this Toyota Tacoma. With 165k highway miles on the clock, this truck has more than enough life left in it. And it’s obviously been well cared for outside of that aforementioned incident. Heck, in the “before” photo, it looks downright new on the outside.

1999 Toyota Tacoma

Plus, the seller has spent some cash on this Toyota Tacoma over the years. The Toyo tires only have 1,000 miles on them and cost around $800. The frame has recently been serviced, with new rear Bilstein shocks and leaf springs installed. Altogether, he estimates he’s put around $2,300 in the truck. Which makes the selling price of $3k seem downright reasonable.

1999 Toyota Tacoma

Pretty much all this Toyota Tacoma needs is some front end repair and front shocks. The seller does admit that it’ll take a little cutting and welding, so this isn’t a project for a beginner by any means. But as we already know, YotaTech members are well versed in bringing pretty much anything back to life. Heck, compared to some of the stuff we’ve seen, this one should be a piece of cake!

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