Off-roading Toyota Land Cruiser Has Hilarious Mishap on a Hill-climb!

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J40 Land Cruiser wipes out during daring hill-climb attempt, but things could have been much worse.

Off-roading is not about instant success. The funnest trails are those that pose challenges. They require you to think ahead, plan, and use a combination of patience and determination. Even when you think you’ve done everything right, you might have to stop, back up, choose a different line, and take another shot at it. It doesn’t matter which rig you’re in, whether it’s a Wrangler or, in this case, a Toyota Land Cruiser. Sometimes off-roading doesn’t go the way you expect it to.

Someone on Reddit recently posted the video you see at the top. It shows three guys in a J40-series Land Cruiser trundling up a chunky dirt path. Judging by the grille guard, snorkel, and faded red paint, it seems as if this isn’t the first time this vehicle has been taken off-road. The trio bangs and bounces its way up a series of progressively steeper ridges as people flanking the path watch their progress. Toyota Land Cruiser Off-Roading Fail

The J40 seems to have no trouble reaching the peak of the trail, but once it reaches that point, something goes horribly wrong. From the sounds of it, the engine cuts out. The Land Cruiser quickly starts to roll back. It’s hard to tell exactly from the video, but it looks as if the driver either loses his brakes or doesn’t think to apply them. One thing that is clear is that he and his friends are in trouble, especially the guy standing up in the back and gripping the roll bars with a vice-like grip.

The Toyota barrels down the uneven incline as the driver looks behind him and tries to steer the runaway rig away from any trees or people that may be nearby. He keeps the vehicle mostly straight until it reaches the bottom of the hill, where it takes a turn, loudly spills the cooler and drinks that were in the back, and comes to a stop. Toyota Land Cruiser Off-Roading Fail

Miraculously, the guy who was hanging on for dear life doesn’t fly out along with the Land Cruiser’s refreshments, although it’s likely a string of obscenities and skyward thank yous that fly out of his mouth.

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