ICON Toyota FJ40 Is Off-Road Perfection Personified

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Dream build aims to make one of history’s most iconic vehicles even better.

As if the iconic Toyota FJ40 isn’t perfect enough in and of itself, some dare to try and make it better. One of the few who succeeds at this daunting task is a company known as ICON. The brainchild of founder Jonathan Ward, ICON seeks to perfect vintage off-roaders with modern amenities and drivetrains. And each build takes thousands of hours to design and put together.

ICON Toyota FJ40

It’s no secret then that ICON restomods aren’t cheap. So when you get a chance to score a mildly used example like this 1971 Toyota FJ40 offered up by Autosport Designs, it’s worth taking a look. Heck, if we’re being honest, anything built by ICON deserves a look. Especially this gem, which the seller claims is #001 of the 40th Anniversary SCORE Baja 1000 Limited Edition.

ICON Toyota FJ40

So what, exactly, makes this old FJ40 so cool? Well, for starters, it has plenty of power thanks to a GM 6.2-liter LS swap. A modern 4-speed 4L65E GM automatic transmission pairs strength with capability, as does the updated Art Morrison mandrel-bent steel frame. The updated suspension features goodies like coilovers, a triangulated four-link, and ARB front/rear locking differentials. Wheel travel stands at a full 12 inches front and back.

ICON Toyota FJ40

Amazingly, the body is hand crafted from aluminum, then finished in a super durable Teflon polyester hybrid Cardinal powder coat. But despite its inherent toughness and capability, this ICON Toyota FJ40 has only seen 2,000 miles since completion. Maybe it’s the sky high price tag, or the fear of hurting something. But we’d drive the snot out of this new/old FJ, no doubt about that.

ICON Toyota FJ40

Toys like those built by ICON are a pipe dream for most. But you can’t blame someone for trying to perfect what many already consider to be perfect, no matter what the price!

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