Fully-Loaded ICON-Built Toyota FJ40 Gets Final Test Drive

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In new ICON clip, Jonathan Ward goes through the test-drive process that his high-spec trucks endure before being delivered to customers.

“It would be downright lunacy to just ship it off,” says ICON mastermind Jonathan Ward about any notion of not giving every ICON build a full test drive. In the new clip from ICON that debuted on Ward’s Youtube channel, he is specifically discussing his company’s latest creation, an ICON-built Toyota FJ40. For car guys that work on cars semi-regularly, this kind of logic only makes sense, because humans are known to make mistakes. So, each ICON vehicle is given a comprehensive test drive with several members of the ICON team, including Ward himself. The crew then provides input on final fit and finish before shipment.

The Toyota FJ40 is a bit unique in that it has a pair of full-height metal doors. As Ward mentions in the video, finding these doors in decent shape is a bit difficult. Additionally, there are hundreds of unique little touches that make this truck really personalized. Like all of the company’s FJ trucks, this one has an ICON GM LS engine and all-new four-wheel-drive goodies. On top of that, it features LEDs virtually everywhere, proximity sensors front and rear, a rearview camera, and a brand-new style of dash gauges. No two of these trucks are the same.

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