Expedition Overland Hosts are Toyota Fans You Need to Follow

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Got a few hours to kill? These Toyota-loving explorers have excellent content that’ll make you a better off-roader.

We often talk about the good old days. But for fans of all things off-road, this is truly the glory age. Sure, our trucks are more complicated and technical than ever. But they’re also more capable and easier to drive over rough terrain than ever before. And if you like old stuff, the aftermarket has never been healthier. Plus, the wonders of the Internet bring us all sorts of useful information and entertainment. And you won’t find many better outfits to follow than the Toyota-loving guys at Expedition Overland.

For starters, you’ll find endless hours of videos exploiting their shenanigans and adventures on XO’s YouTube channel. And this is truly the meat of their content. Here you’ll find their web-based reality series documenting the travels of their expedition crew. The group of overlanders routinely head out to some of the most remote places in the world. Driven by nothing more than their shared love of exploration and adventure.


Like every trip of this magnitude, things don’t always go smoothly, of course. XO is more than happy to share their failures along with their triumphs, however. Mainly because they’re just a bunch of normal dudes like ourselves. And those failures also provide excellent learning opportunities for both us and them. Heck, for us, it’s a whole lot better than getting stuck or breaking stuff first-hand!

The video above, documenting XO’s jaunt in the trio of Toyota TRD Pro Models at FJ Summit along the Rimrocker Trail is an excellent example of their quality work. This one’s a little different from most. Instead of driving their highly modified overlanding rigs, XO does the deed in some stock press models. Like all of their videos, it also does a fantastic job of detailing all of the gear the crew uses on their trips. And it doesn’t hurt that the quality of their cinematography is top notch.

If you’re just into builds, there’s plenty of eye candy to peruse as well. XO’s latest and perhaps greatest is this incredible Toyota Tundra, which is fully capable of handling anything nature throws in its path. And it’s also fully outfitted with all the gear you need for week-long trips into the middle of nowhere.

The crew at XO dishes out plenty of advice on gear, too. Which makes sense given the fact that they beat on it on a regular basis. Personally, we prefer hearing advice like this from the guys who spend their lives using stuff instead of just shilling for their sponsors. This clip is an excellent example of that, as the XO team works to bust a ton of winching myths to help you sort through the noise of most online reviews.

Here’s a little Mackenzie throw back for this fine Thursday AND we will see you tomorrow on YouTube for the conclusion episode of the WABDR! #ep8 #mackenzietrail #canada #overland #xoverland #expeditionoverland #tacoma #followtheadventure #anywhereispossible #patriotcampers #letsgoplaces #magpul #goprepared #redarc #iconequipped #equipt1 #maxtrax #cbi @generaltire @patriot.campers @toyota @magpul @warn @cbioffroadfab @ivdsuspension @iconalloys @maxtraxhq @equipt1 @redarcelectronics

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When you’re tired of watching all of this top notch stuff and just want to scope out some incredible pics, XO has a fantastic Instagram page, too. Here you’ll find amazing shots of all of XO’s killer Toyota truck builds. And also the gorgeous scenery they discover on their travels.

Are you caught up on Overlander? If not, there are 8 episodes for you to binge with episode 9 airing this Friday! #youtube #overland #overlander #xoverland #tacoma #habitatlife #followtheadventure #anywhereispossible #patriotcampers #letsgoplaces #magpul #goprepared #redarc #iconequipped #equipt1 #maxtrax #cbi @generaltire @patriot.campers @toyota @magpul @warn @cbioffroadfab @ivdsuspension @iconalloys @maxtraxhq @equipt1 @redarcelectronics

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Not a bad way to kill a few hours, we’d say. And if your significant other has something to say about that, we’ve got a solution for that, too. Simply tell them that you’re shoring up your off-road education, which will help make that next family camping trip go smoothly!

If you could go anywhere, where would you take Trinity? #tundratuesday #toyota #tundra #xoverland #overland #overlander #pcor #redarcelectronics #anywhereispossible #letsgoplaces #patriotcampers #goprepared #cbioffroadfab #iconequipped #equipt1 #maxtrax @generaltire @patriot.campers @redarcelectronics @magpul @warn @cbioffroadfab @ivdsuspension @iconalloys @maxtraxhq @equipt1

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The crew is out filming episode 10 now…it may be a little hazy. #mt #fires #rufio #toyota #anywhereispossible #letsgoplaces #goprepared #cbi #maxtrax #equipt1 #iconequipped #redarc @general_tire @maxtraxhq @ivdsuspension @equipt1 @warnindustries @cbioffroadfab @magpul @redarc_electronics @patriot.campers @rigidindustries

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Throwback to Rufio enjoying South America last year! #rufio #4runner #toyota #overland #overlander #xoverland #followtheadventure #anywhereispossible #patriotcampers #letsgoplaces #magpul #goprepared #redarc #iconequipped #equipt1 #maxtrax #cbi @generaltire @patriot.campers @toyota @magpul @warn @cbioffroadfab @ivdsuspension @iconalloys @maxtraxhq @equipt1 @redarcelectronics

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