Installing the Latest Iteration of the Andy Mod

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Ever try to do donuts in the snow or sand but can’t because VSC & TRAC keep activating? Say no more. The Andy Mod 2.0 is here for 2001 & 2002 4Runners. 

Beginning with the 2001 4Runner, Toyota implemented two new safety features: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and TRAC (Traction Control). These features were designed to prevent loss of control in slippery conditions or in the event of a tire blow out or an evasive maneuver. However, anyone who has pulled out into traffic in either a ’01 or ’02 4Runner while in 4HI knows they are risking their life if VSC activates. VSC will dethrottle the engine to a snail’s pace for 2-3 seconds causing the driver to panic as on coming traffic barrels towards them! Trust us, we’ve experienced this first hand.

We were thrilled when the original Andy Mod debuted many moons ago. It effectively disabled VSC, TRAC & ABS. However, in the latest iteration of the Andy Mod, known as the Andy Mod 2.0, ABS now remains active. Best of all, the Andy Mod 2.0 retains the same features as the Andy Mod, allowing the vehicle to perform just as it should in both 2WD or 4WD, on road or off road. We did not hesitate one minute to install this new version.

Parts Required:

  • (1) On/Off rocker switch. I picked up two-pronged, fog light switch (Toyota part # PT297-89013-SW) for $10.00.
  • Approx 6′ of 18 gauge automotive wire. This is for two lengths between the rocker switch and the VSC computer.
  • (2) Female spade connectors to be used at the switch.
  • (2) Barrel connectors, crimp-on style. You may choose to use a soldering gun to secure the connections or simply depin them from the connector.
  • Electrical tape Heat shrink tubing
  • (optional) Zip ties

Tools Needed:

  • Wire cutters
  • Wire stripper/crimper
  • Socket Wrench

YotaTech D.I.Y.: Andy Mod


STEP 1: Disconnect the battery.

STEP 2: Locate the VSC ECU under the dash near the driver side kick panel.

The VSC ECU is mounted upright. The wiring connector you are interested in is the 2nd one from the top (V18). Pull this connector out and locate Terminal V18-3. It’s a Red/Black wire. (NOTE: The view of the pin diagram below is looking at the back of the connector, as the wires feed into each terminal of the connector.)


STEP 3: We cut the red/black wire and crimped a wire to each of the cut ends. (Solder these connections or depin them is optional.)


STEP 4: Remove a factory switch blank and insert your wires through the void. Plug them into each prong of the rocker switch:


By doing this mod, you are simply adding a point in the wiring in which you break the current. The switch itself, when activated, disables VSC & TRAC.

We wired our rocker switch so that when the bottom of the switch is depressed, VSC & TRAC are disabled. This matches the orientation of our two additional rocker switches. You can always switch the wires on the back of the rock switch to change the face orientation of the switch. New fog light switch installed on the right:


We made our own “TRAC OFF” label by scanning the factory TRAC OFF switch, darkening the image and printing it on a standard mailing label. A few coats of satin polyurethane spray on the actual rocker portion to complete the process:


STEP 5: Reconnect your battery.

The switch can be activated in either 2WD or 4WD. Once the rocker switch is depressed, wait a few seconds for a response; it is not immediate. Both VSC & TRAC OFF dash lights will illuminate advising you they are disabled. If the dash lights do not illuminate, flip the switch the opposite direction (you may have them wired in reverse.)

To regain VSC & TRAC, flip the toggle switch back, turn the vehicle off and restart it. Although VSC & TRAC can be disabled on the fly, you must turn the vehicle off and restart it to regain operation of both VSC & TRAC. Small price to pay for such a welcomed mod. Enjoy the benefits of having TRAC & VSC disabled, all while ABS remains active. Do some donuts on us!

Check out the forum thread for more information and discussion on this project.

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