Toyota Tundra: Window Tint Modifications

If you're the type who sings in the shower, then you probably sing in your car as well. Don't deny it, because when you have tinted windows no one will ever know.

January 20, 2016

This article applies to the Toyota Tundra (2000-Present).

Tinted windows is an inexpensive modification that will have your Toyota Tundra looking more than just a stock truck. This addition is as practical as it is slick, and the benefits having tinted windows do outweigh the cons. A higher tint reduces the amount of UV light entering your truck's cabin, therefore lowering the interior temperature and preventing sun damage to the dash and trim. Also, with darker windows, car thieves will have to think twice before looking at the wallet you left on the passenger's seat. Although there are some drawbacks, such as slight reduction in visibility and more attention from the police, this modification is popular and well worth the time as well as money. To learn more about tinting to your Tundra's windows, continue reading our guide below.

Tinting Windows on a Toyota Tundra

Figure 1. Window tint grades/percentages.

Each state in the USA has a set of restrictions for how dark car windows can be, so before you commit to getting your truck's windows tinted, you'll need to know what's allowed in your state; to find out, refer to this website: Next, once you've decided to go through with it and take your truck to a highly-reputed window tint shop, what percentage do you get, and what does the percentage even mean? It's pretty simple.

The percentage of the tint corresponds to how much light enters through the window. So, the higher the tint percentage, the greater amount of light entering the window; for example, a tint grade of 80% will allow 80% of light to penetrate into the vehicle's interior. If your main concern is protection against the sun, consider a tint grade below 90%. If you're merely looking for something sleek and cool, choose the lowest possible tint that your state will allow. Lastly, we recommend that you take your truck to the shop to have the windows tinted. It's a more difficult and tedious process than it looks.

Light Tint (50+%)

50% window tint

DIY Cost – N/A

Professional Cost – $120+

Skill Level – Difficult; leave this job to the professionals.

A light tint is your basic window tint; if you're going for a more subtle and classy look, choose a tint anywhere from 50% or higher. Most states allow this grade of tint for all windows of the car (except for the windshield), and any percentage above 50 provides adequate UV protection, privacy, and visibility for drivers. A tint of 50% and up is recommended for drivers seeking less trouble from law enforcement, yet still wanting to have the safety benefits of darker windows.

Intermediate Tint (50-35%)

35% window tint

DIY Cost – N/A

Professional Cost – $200+

Skill Level – Difficult; leave this job to the professionals.

According to, window tints can be over 50% and still be effective against UV rays. However, some drivers still prefer the look of lower-grade tints; take note that 35% is the lowest acceptable tint percentage in most states. So, for car and truck enthusiasts seeking a noticeably dark window shade that will also keep the police away, stay above 35%. A tint within these grades is recommended for drivers wanting to retain a high visibility from the inside and a less than high visibility from the outside.

Dark Tint (30-20%)

20% Window Tint

DIY Cost – N/A

Professional Cost – $300+

Skill Level – Difficult; leave this job to the professionals.

If legal in your area, a tint between 30 and 20% is recommended. Tundra drivers have claimed that shades within this range are "very drive-able" at night and offer that comfortable feeling of privacy, all while providing the UV protection you're still looking for. Again, however, before committing to this grade, make sure it's legal in your state. There are many stories floating around of drivers having trouble with the cops for having very noticeably dark windows. A tint between 30 and 20% is recommended for drivers wanting an aggressively dark look and for those living in sunny areas with a high climate.

Super Dark Tint (15-5%)

5% Window Tint

DIY Cost – N/A

Professional Cost – $300+

Skill Level – Difficult; leave this job to the professionals.

A super dark tint or "limo" tint is illegal in most states. However, drivers who live in the southernmost states of the USA might get by with this level without any law enforcement trouble because the sun is always out. Aside from the gray area of whether or not a super dark tint is legal, drivers also tend to avoid tints within this range because they do reduce visibility, especially at night. Some also claim that tints below 15% interfere with certain electronic devices, like the radio or GPS, but that sounds more like a myth. A limo tint is recommended for drivers that are capable of driving with low visibility and don't mind greater attention from highway patrol.

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