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98 tacoma 4x4 wierd front hub ?

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98 tacoma 4x4 wierd front hub ? low speed squeel

exhausted the search . my 98 tacoma 4x4 with Aisin hubs developed a strange sqeek and rattle at the left front wheel
the 4x4 aftermarket shop mechanics pinned it down to the hub
everything is closed and need to get to work so I pulled it apart myself
got the locking aisin hubs off and the Haynes manual says to hammer down the lock tab and remove the nut
mine has no lock tab or nut. just a bronze looking boss with 6 shallow grooves
it appears to be some bastardly weird pressed together assembly from hell that makes no sense at all
as if the entire spindle and bearing is one unit

does anyone know where I get info on this strange system ?
the bearings feel really tight but there appears to be some grease in there when I pop the axle out


never seen anything like this
is it a disposable spindle ?

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wow I had no idea what I was getting into buying a toyota

just got off the phone with the auto parts

it appears that a simple front bearing failure will take days to replace
I will need to remove it and wait for a bearing , then find a machine shop that is open to get it pressed then put it back in
and I will probably lose work and maybe my job

or get the pile of crap towed to a shop and rent a car and wait about a week

thanks Toyota what pile of crap the tacoma is !
a very crappy design

the two bearing system worked fine and was easily servicable

looks like the idiots "improved" the design
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Before you go cursing toyota for a press fit wheel bearing, try greasing the manual hub. With the hub off and the wheel in the air, spin the wheel. Is the grinding still there?
If no, you may just have to grease the space between the hub gear and the hub body.
Happened to me, and it cured my squeak/ grinding sound.

Here's my post on that....

BTW, throw out that haynes manual.
Use the online FSM provided by NCTTORA.

That link is for 01-04 Tacomas, since manual hubs were phased out in 01, you'll have to use the downloadable version for the 95.5-97.

Originally Posted by scuba View Post
Copied post from another site.....

I'm getting a real eery type of grinding coming from the front hub/ bearing area.
I don't get any weird howling like a wheel bearing is going, so...
At first I thought it was my rear end carrier, because there was a known issue causing a similar sound with it. But I was under the truck the other day, had the transfercase in 4, and started turning the drive shaft. I pinpointed the sound to the drivers side front CV/ hub.

Also, I have noticed that when the truck sits for a few days the sound is lessened. If I drive it to work and get it really warmed up the sound is very noticeable. This morning, the truck has sat for 36+ hours so the video doesn't even show the worst.

The sound is most prominent under ~15MPH and goes away above that speed.

Specs: 1999 4 cylinder, manual hubs, 170K miles.

Here is the video:

It's long. I didn't feel like editing it. The main noise issue occurs at:
18 seconds through 33 seconds, 2:04-2:08, 2:36-2:38, 4:11-4:14, 6:04-6:10.


Problem found and problem solved.

The hub gear that rides on the inner race of the manual hub body had lost all its grease in that spot. So it was metal on metal. That would explain why the sound got worse as that area heated up through longer drives.

Its been around a year and a half since I last greased the hubs.
In hindsight, this problem started and got exponentially worse after a run this past July when I went through about 4-5 relatively deep water crossings out on the trail. I'm lead to believe that water seeped into the hub and washed away the grease where it was needed most.

All I can say is that I'm glad it was an easy fix.

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Well I cant thank you enough for the help and that manual link !
I was a little stressed out after a tough week, sorry I was being such a wiener

Yes that is the sound and symptom
spooky squeel at low rpm tight turns

I took it apart and took the axle out and everything looked OK the hub bearing does not seem bad, but I noticed the hub was bone dry and that axle carrier needle bearing was very lightly greased. I greased it lightly and the sound went away for about 100 miles (one way to work)
It was very difficult trying to force the strut back into the lower mount, The way I remember,it seemed a lot easier when I installed the Bilsteins and 3" level lift , I used a strut spring compressor but it didn't help a bit. Just took a lot of pryin' and cryin'

Now I will remove the hubs and fully pack them with grease which should cure it
the mechanics at the local 4wd shop should be interested to hear about this

Thanks again
I got a feeling this is a great forum with lots of good people
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shure shootin', that was it
when I removed the snap ring on that gear in your hand in the picture and saw where the contact surfaces are galled it was pretty obvious
put in some grease and now it is quiet

I guess a tight turn puts a bind on the driveaxle shaft causing it to turn, which causes that surface on the freewheel hub to spin is all I can figure

You saved me a LOT of grief SCUBA
I was planning to remove and rebuild both hubs thinking it had to do with that axle carrier needle bearing
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Glad I could help.

Those 2 surfaces are constantly spinning against each other since the CV and the gear are stationary and the hub body spins with the wheel. That being said, make sure to use a good high temp grease in there.

I'm not sure why my noise wasn't ever more evident at higher speeds and only at low speeds. Guess I'll never know.

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