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Power steering 'flush"

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Power steering 'flush"

I try to keep up with fluid changes but one I know nothing about how to replace is power steering fluid. Mine has been in there for the 4 years I have had the truck and perhaps a lot longer than that. I'd appreciate any tips or online writeups of what to do.

Thanks, Matt
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Well, first off let me say I've never done this myself. On the power steering pump is a pressure feed tube, vacuum hose and return hose. If you disconnect those you will release the pressure in the power steering lines. It is possible to bleed power steering fluid, so I would guess that's how you drain it.

After it's drained, the next logical step would be to put it back together, fill it with fluid and bleed it so the air is out of the tubes.

Sorry, but that's all I've got for you on this one.
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I dont think your supposed to change it.
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Toyota and others use BG products. By reading this, it sounds like the fluid should be changed like any other fluid for preventive measures.
BG flush
Gadget had a write up somewhere using a flush and turning your front wheels while up on jack stands. I just suck my old fliud out, refill. Drive a month, suck out refill. I'll check the dealer and see how much they charge to do it correctly. BTW, just price how much a new power steering pump costs...:eek: along with the rack and pinion. Flush anyone?
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Haynes says (i'm winging it)

In my 150 sheets of bound toilet paper.... er, I mean my Haynes manual, it dosen't mention any way to remove the old fluid. You have to look in the 2wd steering chapter to read about how to fill the reservoir if its not full.:rolleyes:

FYI, you clean the cap, take it off, fill it if its low. Jack the front, turn the wheels all the way R and L a few times, fill the res. Start the motor and turn wheels all the way a few times again, fill the res again. Check for foam or cloudiness in the fluid.

Somehow that dosen't seen to be enough. I really hope i'm not using 17 year old PS fluid that has been only topped off over the years. I don't really know enough about the system to know if there any little pockets or low points that solid particles can settle into, like in the brake lines.

If you need me, i'll be outside stareing under the hood wondering what to do next as usual. Hold my calls.
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Some dealers will do a PS flush. There is a procedure to disconnect lines and flush. Gadget once posted a way where you raise the front tires, suck out fluid and refill reservoir, then turn wheels lock-to-lock a couple of times and keep repeating procedure several times. Since mine is fairly new, every once in a while I just suck it out and refill the reservoir with Mobile 1 syn ATF. I do this every day for a few days. I bought one of the metal turkey basters with the screw on tip. It gets it all out of the reservoir.

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Power steering flush

Ok - think with me here -- theres gotta be a way to 'tap' into the connections at the rack and pinion....and compleatly drain the old fluid and sediments....someone come up with it:rolleyes:
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