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Timing Adjustment for 1988-1995 3.0L V6

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Timing Adjustment for 1988-1995 3.0L V6

Timing Adjustment for 1988-1995 3.0L V6
By: AgRunner06

If you’re viewing this, it’s obvious that you are looking to get more power out of your Toyota’s 3.0L. Since every little bit of power counts, I’m going to show you how to get it. Advancing your timing is a great way to provide a noticeable increase in power. The stock timing is set at 10° BTDC (Before Top Dead Center) and we will adjust it to 12° BTDC. This is a very simple mod that takes a short amount of time and a minimal amount of tools.

Note: Advancing your timing may cause pinging. However, running premium gasoline will help alleviate this condition but may not cure it. If excessive pinging is noticed after doing this mod, I would advise you to return your timing back to the stock 10° BTDC.

Warning: Be very careful when performing any work on a running vehicle. Carelessness could result in serious injury.

Required Tools:
- Timing light
- Paper clip or piece of wire to use as a jumper
- 12mm wrench

Step 1
Drive the vehicle and allow it to reach the normal operating temperature. Verify that the idle speed is at 800 rpms. Adjust if necessary.

Step 2
Loosen the distributor bolt.

Step 3
Jumper E1 and TE1 with the paper clip or piece of wire.

Step 4
Connect the timing light to the battery and the # 1 spark plug wire. This is the outside spark plug wire that’s going to the passenger side of the motor.

Step 5
Turn the ignition to the “On” position and verify that the lights on the dash are flashing (check engine and OD light on autos, check engine and (?) light on 5 speeds). If not, adjust the jumper until it has a good connection. Start the vehicle.

Step 6
On the right side of the motor, shine the light at the crank pulley and read the timing. The mark on the crank pulley should line up with the 10° mark on the block.

Step 7
Turn the distributor clockwise until the mark on the crank pulley lines up with mark that is just to the left of the 10° mark and but to the right of the 15° mark. This is the 12° mark (?). (You may turn the vehicle off when making the distributor adjustments but it isn’t necessary( ? not sure about comment).) Sometimes the mark on the crank “bounces” around a little so I just take the average.

Step 8
Once you have verified that the timing is set to 12° BTDC, tighten the distributor bolt.

Step 9
Recheck the timing and make any necessary adjustments. I have found that the distributor has a tendency to move slightly when being tightened.

Step 10
Turn the vehicle off and remove the jumper.

Step 11
Go for a test drive and listen for any pinging.

Step 12
Adjust the timing as necessary.

It’s as simple as that. If you have any questions feel free to drop Agrunner06 (link) a PM.

Disclaimer: Yotatech and I do not claim any responsibility for injury or damage

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