Well-Built 1974 Toyota FJ Ready to Explore

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1974 Toyota Land Cruiser

Why buy an investment-grade Toyota FJ when you can have one that’s battle-tested and ready to ride?

As you likely already know, the Toyota FJ market spiraled out of control years ago. These simple but awesome off-road vehicles are beloved by many. Which, of course, is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because they deserve all that recognition, bad because prices have made them unobtainable to most. And many have been restored to the point where we’d be afraid to hit the trails in them, anyway. So what’s a normal, trail-loving person to do?

Well, we’re here to tell you that there are still some driver Toyota FJ examples out there. Not many, but some. Like this 1974 we spotted over at The Collector Car Network, which was built not with an eye toward appreciation, but out of a desire to drive it. And that’s exactly what the current owner, who’s had it since 1990, has done. It all starts under the hood, where the motor was rebuilt by a reputable shop a mere 4,840 miles ago.

Toyota FJ

Since then and even before, the current owner has driven this Toyota FJ some pretty long distances. Most recently, a 1,600 mile jaunt to Colorado. Prior to that, all the way to Alaska and back. And in addition to the engine, most everything mechanical has also been rebuilt over that time frame. There are brand new disc brakes up front, all-new suspension bits, and even new gas tanks.

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