Toyota Hilux Dies Watery Death after Botched Boat Launch

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What started as an innocent fishing trip ends with a destroyed truck.

Most people are truck owners because of their utility. This comes in handy for those people that have large objects to haul around, such as a boat. With the power of a truck, you can use the vehicle to launch your fishing boat, without worry. Well, that is most of the time. Sometimes, the boat launch doesn’t go as planned.

In KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, truck owner Herman Labuschagne was hoping that his friend Dirk Kriel would be able to drive Labuschagne’s Toyota Hilux and help push his fishing boat into the water. In the Daily Mail‘s video of the incident, you can see the boat launch into the water as planned. However, once the boat is safely in water, the Hilux gets stuck in the soft sand and powerful waves.

Toyota Hilux Destroyed After Launching Boat On Beach

The Hilux gets tossed around like a toy car as the water bashes it and the current drags it deeper. Kriel is able to escape through the open window as the truck stalls and becomes unsafe. Lucky for him, he’s able to find his way back to shore. Unfortunately, the truck wasn’t so lucky.

After a 90-minute battle against Mother Nature, the local fire department is able to recover the Hilux. As you might imagine, the water damage inside and out is enough to clearly total the truck.


‘[My friend] called me from the boat & asked if he should come back, but I told him, what is the point now? He may just as well enjoy his fishing.’


Kriel told reporters, “’When I realized I was in trouble, I immediately jumped out the driver’s window. We tried using two other [trucks] to get it out without joy. Herman called me from the boat and asked if he should come back, but I told him, what is the point now as it has already happened? He may just as well enjoy his fishing.” We’re not sure how much Labuschagne enjoyed his fishing trip, after watching his truck get beaten and destroyed. He hasn’t made a comment to the press, as of yet.

For those of us outside of South Africa, watching the video is confusing. Normally, we see boats launch from trucks with the aid of a trailer and a ramp. This pushing method of launching a boat into the water is completely foreign. It almost looks unintentional and somehow wrong. According to locals, this is just how they do things.

Toyota Hilux Destroyed After Launching Boat On Beach

Michael Pearce, Ballito Ski Boat Club Chairperson, said, “It was just a freak accident. It is the most popular launch method in KwaZulu-Natal for the bigger boats. It is not something that some palooka [stupid person] just suddenly came down on holiday and decided he’s gonna try out a new method – this is a tried and trusted method.”

Freak accident or not, it’s always sad to see a good truck get destroyed. Thankfully, the truck is the only thing that was hurt by this incident.

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