Colombian 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ43 For Sale on U.S. Soil

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1974 Toyota FJ43 Front

Rare two-door, medium wheelbase Toyota FJ43 has unique backstory.

While flipping through Toyota listings on, we came across this incredible 1974 Land Cruiser FJ43. This pristine Japanese off-road machine is currently for sale in Florida, but it spent the first portion of its existence cruising around Bogota, Columbia.

The Rare FJ43

There is no question that in the world of off road driving, the classic Toyota Land Cruiser is a legend. These machines are rough and rugged, focusing on function over form, so the original FJ was a bare-bones vehicle, so say the least. The original Land Cruiser was nothing like the modern version, which is a high-priced luxury-level SUV, but it was practically unstoppable. This made it a popular choice for anyone who spends much time driving on rough, unpaved roads.

1974 Toyota FJ43 Side

The original Land Cruiser was offered in three basic chassis configurations around the world – two doors with a short wheelbase, two doors with a medium wheelbase and four doors with a long wheelbase.  The short and long wheelbase models were the most common while the medium-length version – labeled the FJ43 – is extremely rare.

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