Toyota TRD Models Are Selling Like Hotcakes

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Toyota TRD

Americans are buying off-road spec Toyota trucks in droves, prompting the brand to trim its passenger car lineup.

A brand-new trio of Toyota TRD models debuted at the Chicago Auto Show this week, sporting a host of improvements over the outgoing off-road trucks. With sales of light duty trucks at an all-time high, it’s pretty clear that Toyota has every intention of capitalizing on current market conditions. And while most think of off-road special edition models like the TRD lineup as specialized, niche vehicles, that certainly isn’t the case in America.

Toyota TRD

According to Toyota, a full 40 percent of its Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner sales in the U.S. go to TRD models. That’s an astonishing number, yet one that looks poised to grow even higher in the coming years. And off-road fever isn’t just an American-only phenomenon. Special versions of these pickups are selling like hotcakes all over the globe, from South America to Asia.

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