New Toyota Hilux Models: Jealousy From Down Under

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Toyota Hilux

These three new off-road Hilux models are awesome. But they’re also a major tease!

No matter which part of the automotive enthusiast spectrum you fall on, there’s probably at least one foreign model you covet. This is especially true if you’re a fan of a brand like Toyota. While we Americans get to buy some pretty amazing products like the 4Runner and Tacoma, we can’t get the legendary Hilux pickup here. And that’s a shame, as the Hilux is arguably the toughest vehicle on the entire planet.

Hilux Rugged X

Making matters worse, our friends Down Under are now getting three new off-road variants of the “unkillable” pickup. You know, just to rub salt in our wounds just a little more. Toyota designed all three to make an already tough truck even tougher and more capable off road. Topping the new lineup is the Rugged X, a Hilux packing a new high-tensile alloy bash plate and a winch-compatible hoopless steel bull bar.

The Rugged X also comes equipped with a snorkel, LED driving lights, high-strength front and rear recovery points, rock rails, a load-carrying sports bar, and other heavy-duty components. Further separating it from a regular Hilux is a new black grille with honeycomb design and gloss black surround.

Hilux Rogue

Whereas the Rugged X is a no-compromise off-roader, the Rogue is a little more refined. And yet, it still features a bold, aggressive appearance. Upgrades include a hexagonal upper grille, fresh front bumper and heavily revised fog lamps. Rounding out the trio is the Rugged. The third off-roader sports a functional yet aggressive front-end design, including a premium steel bull bar.

Hilux Rugged

These three new Hilux models are designed to offer customers more of a turn-key package. One with accessories they are likely to buy and install anyway. In fact, according to Toyota Australia’s vice president of sales and marketing Sean Hanley, Hilux customers spend more money on accessories than any other model.

Whether or not any similar offerings pop up in America remains to be seen. For now, we can only cast our envious stares from across the pond!



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