Toyota Tacoma Tops J.D. Power Mid-Size Truck Dependability Study

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Toyota Tacoma

Toyota takes home the most segment wins of any automaker, which also helps put more money in your pocket.

It’s no secret to anyone that Toyota builds dependable vehicles. Heck, that reputation has been forged over decades of attention to detail and excellence. But it’s still nice to know that Toyotas remain dependable even as vehicles get more complicated and technologically advanced. And regardless of that added complexity, the Toyota Tacoma still reigns supreme as J.D. Power’s most dependable mid-size pickup.

Toyota Tacoma

The study, now in its 29th year, measures the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100) during the past 12 months by original owners of 2015 model-year vehicles. The study covers 177 specific problems across eight categories, with lower scores indicating better quality. Overall, Toyota took home the most segment awards of any automaker with 6 of a possible 19.

One of those wins, of course, went to the Toyota Tacoma, which ranked as the most dependable mid-size pickup for 2018 with a score of 114. It marks the fourth time the Tacoma has won a vehicle dependability study award. Overall, Toyota beat the industry average of 142 with a score of 127. For the first time since 2013, overall vehicle dependability improved, jumping 9% over last year.

Toyota Tacoma

As we’ve come to expect, the vast majority of problems reported by owners come from technology. Audio/Communications/ Entertainment/Navigation (ACEN) remained atop the category offenders list, receiving the most complaints. Within that category, the two biggest problems come from built-in voice recognition (9.3 PP100) and built-in Bluetooth connectivity (7.7 PP100).

Dependability is a nice way to avoid aggravation, but it also helps out your finances, too. “Strong dependability scores not only improve demand for used vehicles, but also are a contributor to higher residual values,” said Jonathan Banks, Vice President of Vehicle Analysis and Analytics at J.D. Power. No wonder Toyota is also tops in that category!

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