Toyota Fortuner Tackles Treacherous Dune with Ease (Video)

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Watching this foreign Toyota ‘ute blast up the sand makes us want to go dune climbing.

The sport of off-roading is a vast, diverse one. Some people prefer to sling mud, others to slowly traverse rocky mountainsides, or even catch major air jumping giant hills. But those who live in places near the beach (or the desert) have become addicted to blasting up steep, sandy dunes. And it’s easy to see why. Overcoming things like gravity and lack of traction are both rewarding and loads of fun.

That much is evident in this nice video from YouTuber Anshuman Bishnoi. Here we get to see a variety of vehicles attempt to conquer a rather steep dune, with mixed success. Among the wide selection of vehicles who make the attempt is a Toyota Fortuner. Which, for those now familiar, is a mid-size SUV sold in a number of countries including Egypt, India, Indonesia, Argentina and Pakistan.

Toyota Fortuner

But make no mistake, the Toyota Fortuner isn’t some kind of gussied-up crossover. It’s built on the legendary Hilux platform, which means that it’s infinitely capable off-road. And clearly, it has no problems tackling slippery, sandy inclines, either. After watching another truck fail to crest the dune on multiple attempts, the Toyota rolls over effortlessly on its second try.

Toyota Fortuner

This, despite the fact that it appears to be rolling on stock wheels and tires. It doesn’t even look like the Fortuner has any sort of other mods, either. Well, unless you count the missing front bumper, an obvious attempt to save it from being damaged.

Toyota Fortuner

Clearly, running up sandy dunes at high speed is a seriously fun activity. One that those lucky enough to live close to beachy off-road parks can also partake in. All you need to succeed is a Toyota truck (and some guts), apparently!

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