Custom Toyota Hilux Is Traveling Photographer’s Dream Ride

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Toyota Hilux

If you need to live in the middle of nowhere for months at a time, what better way to do it than in this incredible Hilux?

As you likely already know, the Toyota Hilux has a bit of a reputation. Most people feel that this mid-size pickup is the toughest vehicle on the planet. One that can (and has) traveled to the furthest reaches of the earth. Whether that be Russian glaciers or South African safaris. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Hilux would be a dream ride for a traveling photographer who also lives in his pickup roughly one-third of the year.

That man is is Stefan Forster, a native of Iceland who set out on his first cross-country expedition at the tender age of 18. His love of nature, exploration, and photography slowly turned into a viable business, and today he even leads guided photography tours for those looking to get into the hobby. But after 15 years of adventures, he wanted a vehicle that was a little more comfortable and capable than your average motor home. Enter this custom built Toyota Hilux.


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Since my KINGDOM OF THE LIGHTS – tour has started I’m living in my rolling base-camp and I love it!!!! Who else prefer a camper instead of a fix home? Wer von Euch bevorzugt es auch im Camper statt in einer festen Wohnung / Haus zu leben? 👍🏻 #campervan #camper #camperlife #hilux #hiluxsurf #arctictrucks #offroad #offroading #snow #wintercamp #wintercamping #stefanforster #stefanforsterphotography #explora #toyota #geocar #switzerland #switzerland_vacations

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Forster purchased the pickup back in 2013, but it took a full year and a half to get it to where it is now. Since its completion, he uses the truck/camper to traverse Iceland’s highlands and his base camp journeys in Europe. He’s also planning to take it on a 3-month trip in 2021 from Switzerland to Mongolia and back.

Toyota Hilux

The Hilux itself is your standard diesel, four-wheel drive model. But it rides on a Fox coilover-equipped suspension with OZ wheels and BF Goodrich All-Terrains. The front brakes have been upgraded to heavy duty Nestle bits. And both front and rear differentials feature ARB pneumatic lockers.

Toyota Hilux

There’s also the requisite lighting and waterproofing. But the camper shell on the back comes packed with everything you need for months in the wild. Including 110 liters of water capacity, 250 liters of diesel fuel, and a heater and air conditioner. There’s also, of course, a bathroom and kitchen.

An amazing ride, for sure. But when your profession takes you to the far reaches of the planet, what better vessel to do it in than the mighty Toyota Hilux?

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