Toyota 4Runner Owner Seeks Tips on How to Replace Brake Caliper

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Mysterious Toyota Brake Rotor

If you are an expert in identifying classic Toyota parts, your expertise is needed.

Buying a Toyota 4Runner with a solid axle swap is a great way to enjoy increased off-roading capabilities without going through the work yourself, but there are some downsides. First, you don’t know how well the install was performed and second, it can sometimes be a chore to find replacement parts that didn’t come on the vehicle. Even if the solid axle was installed perfectly, if you don’t know what parts were used for the swap and you don’t know who did the swap, it can be a nightmare to replace components that was installed via the swap.

One of our members is current stuck in a situation like this, where he is trying to replace non-factory components for his 1987 Toyota 4Runner without knowing what vehicle donated the swapped parts.

Toyota 4Runner Solid Axle

The Introduction

This YotaTech thread was started by “jonzey23”, who purchased a 1987 Toyota 4Runner with a solid axle swap. When one of the brake calipers seized, he began shopping for a new unit when he realized that he didn’t know what the axle came out of, so he doesn’t know what vehicle to search for when buying a new caliper.

I have an ’87 4runner that I bought with a SAS. I don’t know exactly what is there, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Toyota axle.

My brake caliper seized up, and I bought a rebuilt one for a ’85 front axle thinking that would fit. The bolt pattern appears to be the same, and they look similar in form. However, the ’85 caliper is not wide enough to fit over my rotor, and the brake pads from my old caliper won’t fit in it. The rotor measures approximately .79″ wide.

Could anyone point me towards what year of axle I might have? I included some pictures for reference.

He also included all of the images here of his solid axle, the backside of the wheel assembly, the brake rotor and the caliper along with the non-fitting 1985 unit.

Toyota 4Runner Calipers

The Community Replies

There is only one reply to the OP’s question, made by “ZUK”.

Well, you have a vented disc there so sounds like the 94 V6 4Runner calipers.

He also included a link to a long thread on the forum discussing other issues that owners have run into with regard to the solid axle swap.

Toyota 4Runner Brake Backing

The OP hasn’t replied to ZUK’s comment, so that may have solved the riddle, but if you are a parts expert who recognizes any of the components on this 1987 4Runner, your input would be appreciated by the OP and everyone else who runs into this problem in the future.

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