Lifted 2010 Tacoma Is One Badass Mudder Trucker

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Big tires and a six-inch lift allow this Tacoma to conquer every obstacle.

In stock form, the Toyota Tacoma is a solid off-road vehicle, especially as mid-sized-trucks go. The TRD Off-Road models are just as capable as any stock truck on the road when it comes to playing in the mud, but the owner of the 2010 Tacoma in the video above from the Street and Trail YouTube channel has added a few upgrades to his Toyota, making it a far more formidable mud monster.

Simple Upgrades

The details on this 2010 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road are short, but we know that it has a six-inch lift kit and that added body height makes room for some big, beefy off-road tires mounted on aftermarket wheels. It also seems a little louder than a stock truck and we can see a big LED light bar hiding in the front bumper, but this Toyota pickup is lightly modified for off-road fun.

Lifted 2010 Toyota Tacoma Posing

Although those upgrades are common and fairly simple, they go a long way in insuring the success of this Tacoma as it battles all sorts of off-road obstacles.

Battling the Mud

It is unclear whether the footage above was captured at an off-road park or if it was just out in the woods somewhere, but it is clear that the area has gotten some rain. There are some dry paths, but every hole is filled with water deep enough to swallow up a small car. In fact, some of the water holes are deep enough that a stock low-line Tacoma might start taking on water, but this lightly modified Toyota has no issue crossing the worst parts of the trail.

Lifted 2010 Tacoma in the Water

Throughout the video, the Tacoma attacks several deep water holes and as the truck moves around, we can see the soft mud below the surface being exposed. This soft mud makes crossing the water even harder, but the lifted Toyota shines through time after time.

There are also some portions of the video where the truck is going over rough, dry portions of the trail, allowing us to see the suspension articulation, but the best part of this video is the copious amounts of mudslinging.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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