YotaTech Members Show Off their Rockin’ Rigs

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Expert mods, customizations and more make these Toyota trucks even more awesome than they were when they rolled off the dealership lot.

We here at YotaTech have the greatest forum members, some of whom put in the work on making their Toyota trucks and SUVs the best they can be. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing the spark plugs and upgrading the wires. Other times, it’s a full-on modification, aimed at tackling the roughest of roads and seas.

Thus, we’ve asked our forum members one question: “What did you do to your rigs today?” Hundreds of pages and thousands of posts thus far, we have a few answers.

Dropzone says he added to his lifted Toyota “some wattage (ok not wired yet) but should light up stuff pretty good,” plus fab’d upper and lower mounts for his lighting setup.

Meanwhile, RAD4Runner took his “rad” 4Runner out for a camping trip in Utah’s Dancing Hall Rock, complete with an overlanding shower on his rear deck.


Itsivxx dressed up his Truck’s black wheels, which he says “turned out pretty nice.” We couldn’t agree more.

Dye007 spent his time unbolting the timing cover to get at the timing chain underneath. After working the hood, he “Raptor lined the whole truck,” giving it a nice Mad Max look.


Jaretstuff got some new tires for his Truck, and is happy with how they look.


Our administrator Corey showed off his Spec D Tuning 3.5″ Inlet Snorkel Off-Road 4×4 earlier this year, no doubt keeping his FJ Cruiser ready for a swim at a moment’s notice.


Though he doesn’t race his Toyota, akwheeler added some nice black racing seats, and a stirrup (as in the kind from a horse saddle) so he can get in his lifted rig and ride off into the Alaskan midnight sun.


KickinWing kicked-up his Toyota wheels with Aisin manual locking hubs he found on eBay, which were then rebuilt and repainted before bolting them on.

Bootscootboogie has been hard at work on his 1986 two-wheel drive Truck, “trying to do anything [he] can to make it look more presentable.” For starters, he swapped out the original grill for the four-wheel drive Truck’s version, which he says “just look so much better.”

And finally, flg8r22 gave their 4Runner “a bath and a wax job,” and plans to work on “the eaten wiring on top of the trans” so he can have power to all four corners again.

All of the above is just from one year’s worth of posts to our WDYDTYRT thread, which dates all the way back to July 15, 2010. We’d love to know what you did to your ‘Yota today; all you need to do is join our YotaTech forums, and drop a few photos of your latest upgrade or adventure!

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