Innovative ‘Evolution H/T’ Tires Score SEMA Product Award

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Cooper Tires

Ohio-based Cooper Tires and a badass Toyota steal the spotlight in Vegas and nab award for newly-launched product line.

“We are honored to earn this award from SEMA for this great new tire,” said Scott Jamieson, Cooper Tire’s Director of Product Management, after the Ohio-based company’s new Evolution H/T highway tire for pickups, crossovers, and SUVS was named a New Product Award winner at SEMA. “As the first tire launched from our new Evolution product line, it’s leading the way in showcasing what Evolution has to offer.”

YotaTech was on the scene at the SEMA Show, which ran from Oct. 31 through Nov. 3 in Las Vegas, where the new Cooper Tires were on display and getting plenty of attention. The badass Toyota truck that the tires were on certainly didn’t hurt is getting heads to turn in the direction of Cooper’s SEMA booth.

Recognizing outstanding achievements in the development of products being introduced to the automotive specialty equipment market, the new product awards competition considered nearly 3,000 products in 16 categories. The Evolution H/T was noted for its superior innovation and technical achievement.

Photos for YotaTech by Manuel Carrillo III

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