The FJ Company’s 1984 FJ43 Land Cruiser Is Totally Awesome

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Legendary custom builders showcase $150k Land Cruiser at SEMA.

The FJ Company introduced its newest masterpiece, a custom-built 1984 FJ43 Land Cruiser, at SEMA, and when we saw it up-close as it rolled into Vegas, it looked every cent worth its $150,200 sticker price. Heck, if we had George Clooney-level cash, we’d be driving home in this thing.

Based on a Toyota Land Cruiser, the FJ Company’s 1984 FJ43 Land Cruiser is a heavy duty, hardtop that looks tough and sporty. Its gorgeous “Venetian Blue” paint job melds well with the interior’s saddle vinyl hue and adds a sophisticated touch. And you don’t need a bottle of Windex to see that the window treatment is the star of this custom job, whose wrap-around design includes an added flip window.


Under the hood of The FJ Company’s standard 4×4 is a high performance package that includes, of course, a Toyota 1FZ engine with electronic fuel injection and five-speed manual transmission. It’s also equipped with advanced power steering, front disc brakes, and Old Man Emu suspension.

Toyota - SEMA

Assisting in giving The FJ Company’s 1984 FJ43 Land Cruiser a smoother ride over challenging terrains are 15″ Toyota wheels and hubcaps and 33″ BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 tires.

The Land Cruiser’s awesome Eighties edge comes courtesy of an ’80s front grill and ’80s-style mirrors, emblems, and turn signals. And if you want to crank up some Men Without Hats or Quiet Riot, there’s a $3,000 premium sound system inside. Add in the Vintage Air A/C and heater; front-facing rear bench; a cool jerry can; heavy duty trailer hitch; and retro fog lights, and we say that The FJ Company’s 1984 FJ43 Land Cruiser is one totally tubular accomplishment.

Toyota - SEMA

Photos: Nolan Browning

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