Amazing 1978 Toyota FJ40 Has Only 5,000 Original Miles!

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Toyota FJ40

Stored in a wooden crate for decades, this 100% original Toyota FJ40 has once again emerged on the market!

The Toyota FJ40 has easily become one of the most iconic four-wheelers of our time. The perfect combination of timeless styling, bare bones features, and legendary off-road capability has endeared this little SUV to the masses. Which also means that prices have gone through the roof, of course. These days, you can find dozens of perfectly restored FJ40s for sale virtually everywhere. But you’ve never seen any like this one.

Toyota FJ40

No, this 1978 Toyota FJ40 hasn’t been restored to better-than-new condition. Mostly because it is essentially still new. With a mere 5,265 miles on the odometer, this is probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to a brand new FJ40. And it shouldn’t surprise you that the truck is for sale over at TLC, perhaps the premier builder/restorer of Toyota Land Cruisers of all vintages.

Toyota FJ40

Not only is this probably the nicest original FJ in existence, it’s also nicely optioned. Disc brakes, a 2F powerplant, and air conditioning are among the many nice upgrades present here. Even the original emissions equipment, which most owners promptly discarded, is still there. Outside of regular, routine maintenance, this Toyota FJ40 hasn’t been touched one bit.

Toyota FJ40

So how, exactly, did this time capsule survive all these years? According to the seller, the original owner stored it in a wooden crate in a warehouse. He planned to drive it to each national park when he retired, but passed away before reaching that landmark. TLC acquired it from the family back in 2000, then sold it. That same person sold it back to them, so now it’s back on the market a second time!

Toyota FJ40

If you’re going to drop major money on a Toyota FJ40, we can’t imagine a better way to do it. Restored trucks are a dime a dozen. But like they say, every vehicle is only original once!

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