Toyota Off-Roading at The Mint 400

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From ‘Ironman’ Ivan Stewart to the current crop of Tundra race trucks, Toyota mark is alive and well in the sands of Nevada.

The Mint
This year’s The Mint 400 is a special one as it marked the fiftieth year of the historic race. As such, the event was sold out for both racers and spectators, which meant there was a full field of Toyotas racing in the silt, rocks, and features of the Primm and Las Vegas deserts. There was a Tundra or Tacoma in nearly every bodied class – from the big boys in the Trick Trucks to the Joes in the Sportsman class to the classics in the Vintage class.

The Mint
This also marked out first year out to cover the event and, while we’re used to covering racing here at YotaTech, desert racing presents its own unique issues. Not only do we have to deal with those wild drivers but the wildlife itself. From dangers like snakes to endangered species like the Desert Tortoise (don’t laugh, it’s real) to spiny plants and cacti, our eyes had to be open and able to look behind our heads, too. However, even with the difficulty, we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Mint
It’s an amazing site to watch those Trick Trucks launch into the air and land without missing a beat. BJ Baldwin, the Monster Energy driver in a Tundra bodied TT, was among those who were chased with helicopters during the time trial, so it make for some impressive photography.

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