2017 Yotatech Year in Review

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News, reviews, and our members have provided us plenty to be excited about in 2017.

As we approach the end of 2017, it’s a good time to look back at some of the best stories we’ve shared at YotaTech. Over the last year, we’ve been proud to share some of the latest news and stories that affects you, the loyal Toyota enthusiast. Whether that was reviews of the new 2017 models, tips and tricks from the amazing community in our forums, or even hints at what the future might bring to Toyota, we hope that we’ve become the go-to place for fans of Toyota.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the highlights for 2017:

1. Greatest Toyota Trucks of All Time

1964 Toyota Stout

The year started with a love letter to the Toyota brand. We wanted to provide a quick summary of what we belive the best five Toyota trucks of all time were. If you’re a fan of the more modern Tacomas and Tundras, a few on this list are sure to surprise you. Who doesn’t love the Toyota Stout?

2. 5 Reasons Why The Tundra Is Better Than Ford’s Raptor

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

Another great list we shared was the five reasons why the Tundra beats the Raptor. We know that the debate among truck enthusiasts is all about which truck is the most badass. For Ford fans, it’s the Raptor, hands down. Sure, it’s a nice truck, but here at Yotatech, we think the Tundra rules the roost.

3. Amazing Member-Owned 1st Gen 4Runners

Forum Member 1st Gen 4Runner

As much as we love sharing our opinions on Toyota’s vehicles, as well as news and information, the heart and soul of our site is the community that exists in the forums. One of the highlights from the forums in 2017 was when our members shared pictures and stories about their 1st Gen 4Runners. Whether it’s camping, conquering trails, or updating the paint to something more “unique,” the members all had interesting stories about their amazing SUVs.

4. This Is What The Toyota Land Cruiser Should Look Like

Land Cruiser Concept

Over the years, the Land Cruiser has, well, tamed. What used to be a rugged SUV has turned into something…else. So, earlier this year, we took it upon ourselves to team up with a talented artist to design what we would like to see the Land Cruiser look like. It’s a bold departure, but we think the retro styling is just right to help reinvigorate the model.

5. FJ Cruiser Ingeniously Transformed Into Ultimate Vacation Rig

Camping Gear Review

What’s better than a standard FJ Cruiser? Well, one that is fully decked out in camping clear, clearly! Yotatech admin and co-creator Corey Tando was nice enough to share the modifications that he made to his FJ in creating the ultimate camping rig. Camping never looked so badass!

6. What Spare Parts Do You Keep In Your Toyota?


Our incredible community in the forums isn’t just about showing pictures of amazing Toyota vehicles. It is also a place where members can share tips and tricks. We asked our members what they like to keep in their Toyota trucks and they responded with a pretty informative list.

7. Toyota Posts Best-Ever Light Truck Sales

Toyota Tacoma

While car sales seem to decline across the industry, Toyota is thriving thanks to their trucks and SUVs. We love our Toyota vehicles, so we want to share the great news with you that the rest of the population feels the same way. Thanks to the Tacoma and RAV4, Toyota saw their best ever month in October 2017, and the outlook looks even better in 2018.

8. 2018 Toyota C-HR: Can A Funky Design Still Be Practical?

2018 Toyota C-HR

Over the year, we published many different reviews of the new Toyota models. Perhaps the most intriguing was the recent review we published about the new C-HR. The unique vehicle is Toyota’s attempt to attract those who probably enjoyed the Scion line of vehicles. In our review, we go over the good, the bad, and the funky with this truly different Toyota.

9. Future Toyota Adventure Concept Wows L.A. Auto Show Crowd

Toyota FTAC

The FT-AC doesn’t look like any Toyota on the road today, and that’s on purpose. As seen at the recent L.A. Auto Show, the FT-AC is the newest attempt by Toyota to attract those customers that expect something a little extra from their vehicles. Those with an active lifestyle that want comfort plus versatility. The concept vehicle was the talk of the show.

10. Toyota to Build Revolutionary Power & Hydrogen Generation Station

Toyota - 1000

In a story that has very little to do with vehicles, we were excited to recently talk about Toyota’s new Tri-Gen station. The power plant is scheduled to come online in 2020, and will use agricultural waste to generate water, electricity, and hydrogen. The amazing technology will produce enough power for thousands of homes and vehicles.

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