What’s Up in the Forums: Amazing Member-Owned 1st Gen 4Runners

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1st Gen 4Runners

Check out these enduring rides from our YotaTech members.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love 1st gen 4Runners? It’s easy to forget that Toyota’s comfy family ‘ute of today used to be one of the greatest off road trucks built by anyone. Especially since the new trucks are so darn…modern. But 4Runners didn’t always come with unnecessary features and technical wizardry. They used to be simple, no-frills vehicles meant to conquer and destroy anything in their paths.

We’ve got a lot of love for the original 4Runner here at YotaTech, and so do our members. And we’d wager that the folks in the forums have some of the best examples of the N60 you’ll ever lay eyes on. So we though we’d shine a deserving spotlight on some of the finest eye candy we spotted in this particular thread. For your (our?) enjoyment, of course.

There’s really no point in owning a truck like an N60 and not using it to explore the beautiful scenery around you. And that’s exactly what threadstarter ScenicWonderRunner does with his. Plus, he’s happy to share pics with us.

“YotaTech….was the first 4×4 off road website I ever found. I have always admired it! I forgot to join!….But!……well now here I am!”


Plus, he proves that all you need is a basic tarp and a 4Runner to go camping. Who needs some expensive rig to enjoy the outdoors?

“I posted this in the new Campsite pic thread. I also wanted to include it here.

Just north of Durango, Colorado on the way to Silverton.

My simple tarp and two tent poles. A storm was brewing that night and it kept me warm and dry. I have more tarps to wall off the sides and inclose the back of my 4Runner. I sleep inside my 4Runner.”


BigBluePile isn’t afraid to conquer some rocky trails, either.


And we’re really digging on malteserunner‘s matte green ‘Runner.


But we might like his “updated” paint scheme even more than the original.


Of course, they all look good when they’re getting muddy, like motocrossaddict223‘s ride.


Then again, we’re also in love with 93toy‘s ultra clean example. Which, incredibly enough, has 310k miles on the clock.


Or Raynyc‘s super sanitary red ’89.


No matter what your taste in 1st gen 4Runners looks like, there’s a little something for everyone in the forums. Be sure and check out all the sweet rides, and if you’ve got one, post it up here!


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