Totally Awesome ’80s 4Runner Granville Edition Is Retro Perfection

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Toyota 4Runner

Aside from the fact that this 4Runner is very rare, it’s an ultra-clean, simple survivor of the decade. 

Many like to refer to the 1980s as a decade of excess. A time when greed and an affinity for the finer things in life ruled the world. But in the automotive world, things were actually rather simple, at least compared to today. This was especially true in the world of trucks, when fancy suspension components and driving modes didn’t exist. Nope, it was all about simplicity, and that simplicity still serves off-roaders well today. And this gorgeous 1985 Toyota 4Runner is concrete proof of that.

We spotted the survivor of an SUV over at The Collector Car Network, where its immaculate condition immediately. caught our eye. With only two owners and 169,000 miles, there’s plenty of life left in it, too. And this one just so happens to sport the mysterious Granville Edition badge, which makes it a rather rare bird. There’s virtually zero information about these Toyota 4Runner special editions, but one of our very own built one up a few years ago.

1985 Toyota 4Runner

The seller claims that only three Granville Editions exist in the U.S. We’ve heard that number thrown around before, so it could possibly be true. But even if that distinction doesn’t necessarily add value to this vintage 4Runner, its condition certainly does. This is an ultra-clean survivor that’s seen a few changes to whip it back in shape. The front bucket seats have been reupholstered and there’s a new headliner. But otherwise, this beauty is mostly original.

1985 Toyota 4Runner

And that simple fact alone makes this 1985 Toyota 4Runner a desirable ride. Many of us that grew up during this time period covet these rides because they remind us of simpler times. Sure, a select few might have been greedy and complicated. But most of us just want the same thing we wanted back then – a simple, clean, reliable, capable off-road machine!

1985 Toyota 4Runner

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