Toyota Pickup’s Multi-Purpose Box Is Simply Ingenious

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Easy-to-remove storage solution is perfect for those who like to take their Toyota off the beaten path.

In the world of trucks, we’re always looking for new ways to make them even more useful. These days, you can buy any number of items for your Toyota that transform it into the ultimate mobile living and/or working space, in fact. But many of these items, including things like pop up tents, are mostly permanent installations that you can’t exactly pop off when you’re not using them. Unless you use the Fiftyten system, that is.

This ingenious add-on can actually be installed and/or removed in seconds, in fact. The modular design consists of three pieces – a flat tray on the bottom, a box in the middle, and a roof-top tent. The tray forms the basis of the Fiftyten system, holding additional storage space on the sides with built-in boxes and roll-out drawers. The box features doors on the sides and at the rear, allowing access to anything from cookers to refrigerators to supplies. And with the tent fully extended, you can even stand up inside the whole thing.

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