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22re and seafoam!!!!

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22re and seafoam!!!!

I want to run some seafoam through my 22re, what have/ would you use do get it in the engine? Brake booster vacuum line or is there one farther forward on the intake I could use??
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i used the vacuum line on brake booster, and just let it run the whole bottle thru it. huge difference
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Snake oil!
This is my method. Do at your own risk!
Pour some in gas tank.
Remove sparkplugs and pour a very small amount into cylinders, do NOT pour too much or it will wash out cylinder walls.
Start motor and pour some in brake booster hose.
Pour a tiny amount into oil, run motor for a bit and drain oil. Do NOT pour too much or you will thin out the oil and royally screw up your motor
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works great my dads 87 4 runner he did throgh the brake li ne let it sit fired it up improved his idle and throtle response i did it to my lil 22re no real change my engines had a full rebuild though so didnt expect much any way oh well

thier is another product the dude i bs with at autozone recomends bg44 says its alot better than seafoam havent tryed it yet but it likes double that of a can of seafoam
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i bet the bg44 costsmore and/or they are trying to clear it out.

i stick with the tried and true! Im probablygoing to run some seafoam through it tonight or tomorrow, along with change the plugs
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Originally Posted by stormin94 View Post
And changing your blinker fluid regularly reduces build up, and allows for higher visibility. But only use the Toyota brand from the Toyota dealership.
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How many miles are we talking about here, Muddog?

Just remember, there have been a few(however few, IT'S STILL HAPPENED), that have hydrolocked their motors by not following the instructions, etc. I know, that's why you're here... But I also mention this because, at some point, if you're at 200K or something, it doesn't hurt to just pull the plenum/throttle body and give it a good SERIOUS cleaning.

I'M NOT saying the Seafoam wont help, I'm not saying it will, lol. Depends on miles, how you apply it, etc.

The instructions I went by were from a Guru on here, who told me;

"First start the motor, run it and BE SURE that it's WARM. Turn off the rig. Then, Pull the booster line off the plenum, and find a vacuum hose or coolant line that will fit on there, around 18" or so, and plug it on to the plenum where the booster vacuum line was, and plug it with a bolt. Then, start the rig again, bend/kink the hose close to the plenum, remove the bolt/plug, stick the other end of the hose around half way down in the seafoam bottle, then release the kink you made and let the vacuum pull in around 1/2 the bottle. The motor should stall, but BE PREPARED TO KILL THE MOTOR, IMMEDIATELY AFTER the first half of the seafoam bottle is sucked into the intake. Let it sit in there for 20-30 minutes, then start it and run it until the CLOUDS OF GLORIOUS VAPOR subside! Next, Do the same thing using the breather hose near the front of the v-cover, but THIS TIME, pour what's left of the seafoam into a glass that you can easily get that breather vacuum tube into and suck it up, then IMMEDIATELY kill the motor again. Let sit for another 20-30 minutes, then start up and run until the CLOUDS OF GLORIOUS VAPORS subside!" lol.

I did this^^, and ran it through my tank, etc., and a month later when I finally decided it was time to rebuild... I tore it down and it was STILL COMPLETELY caked with carbon all over everything. I've not done some insane, intense study in a shop with computers and metallurgists standing by and taking readings afterward..... But it didn't really do much for me. Probably because I was at 257K..... no clue if the guy i bought it from at 100K had done the HG or valve job already(maybe timing chain, etc., too? Not sure)..... but even at 157K, if that WAS the case....well, it just isn't the magic oil I needed it to be in order to clean out my plenum.

You might want to AT LEAST remove the Throttle body intake air tube and get in there to the throttle body plate and such and clean it off really well.... just DO NOT get that "Throttle Body Cleaner" all swimming in there, where it might get into the TPS.... Mine really didn't appreciate that much and took a dump on me, soon after! lol.

I believe Superbleeder(travis) did a great write up on this. I might of as well in my build thread, but I have NO IDEA where it would be, lol.

Using it in the tank? I've read a few studies that suggest it CAN improve mileage, clean out injectors, etc. BUT, I've also read a study that suggested that the ONLY products that can actually work well at cleaning out injectors, safely, along with other stuff, is "Chevron Injector Service" stuff. Toyota has one as well, I believe, at the dealership. NOT SAYING you should get those, or not trust seafoam... I just think it's worth a lil research, ya know?
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Originally Posted by engnbldr View Post
Do like me. Plug in Bob Segar and turn up the volume, all fixed...When something falls off, then fix it....Hey, pretty job there, Chef!..Congrats!!...*EB

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Sorry for bumping an older thread. Didn;t want to create a new one.

My questions are:

1. How much gas should be in my car? Half tank, empty, full tank?
2. Once I seafoam do I get an oil change right away?
3. Which method should I use oil tank + gas tank or gas tank + brake vacuum?

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