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Camping Staples

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Camping Staples

Not sure how many other people do this, but Cobbler is our go-to camping dessert! I made one last weekend when we went out and it was just a box of yellow cake mix, a can of cream soda, and a jar of peach pie filling. I like to put oats and brown sugar over the top for texture. Holy crap it was amazing!

Some of our other "staple" foods for camping are Hobo Dinners - just hamburger in a patty shape, with potatoes and whatever else you like over it. You wrap it in foil and just throw it in the fire (which cooks crazy fast, so watch it so you don't burn it haha) and flip it a couple times with a shovel. They cook well in a dutch oven as well, but take a bit longer.

We also do what my grandpa always called "Slumgulian" which is just his version of a mountain man breakfast. It's sausage, bacon, potatoes and eggs. Cooked in that order, you don't add the eggs until everything else is done. We put a lot of sauce in it (Whatever you fancy, Worcestershire is one of my favs but we do liquid smoke, or Dakota Buckaroo too) and top it with cheese. Super yummy and great for hunting as it's packed with tons of protein and "sticks to your ribs" so you aren't starving all morning.

Pretty much anything you cook while camping is good, especially in a dutch oven. My dad makes some pretty amazing stuff. I'm still kinda new to it, and only dare make "basic" meals. He does crazy stuff like a stuffed dutch oven meatloaf!
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How do you cook the cobbler? Sounds great and will give it a try.

We have done this when camping and here at the house. Setting it up at a campsite is a lot of work but is a lot worth it if you have a large gathering.
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Oh I have seen people do pigs in a pit! I told my husband we should dig one in our back yard. We have a big family and it would be awesome to do for family get together situations!

For the cobbler I cooked it in a dutch oven, it was a 10 inch but you can easily adjust the cook time depending on the size of the dutch oven. I dumped in the cake mix, a can of cream soda, and put the peach pie filling on top. The soda makes the cake mix really fizzy and it bubbles up over the peaches as it cooks. Easy-peasy!
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the peach cobbler sounds interesting. don't think i've ever seen a recipe using soda in it, maybe i'll try it sometime. but where's the BUTTER???

I've seen people cook up pigs on a spit at camp before. My favorite roast pig is what I know as "Lechon" - it's a roast suckling pick that's got perfectly crispy skin all around. Used to go with my grandpa to pick up his lechon order for parties, the farm had a 'roasting shack' with a 3-side perimeter of fire and pigs on spits angled over the flame, it was awesome! Also good is pig cooked in "emu pit" - hawaiian style, where you make fire in a pit with rocks, then layer the pig in the coals/rocks with banana leaves, then bury it overnight.

At camp I'm a big fan of the bone-in ribeye and corn on the cobb eaten with bare hands

Growing up we didn't have money to go on real vacations, so camping was common. The dish we ALWAYS had the first night, for decades, was this concoction very similar to what Chipotle makes these days:
Bring cooked white rice and prepared toppings to camp first night (most toppings get used in other meals following).
Toss some big ole ham steaks on grill and cut them up into bite-size bits.
Vent a can of whole pinto beans and put over fire to heat it up.
Assemble and devour: white rice, beans, ham, grated cheese, diced tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, pico de gallo salsa, sour cream and lettuce optional. toppings varied over the years: olives, bell peppers, corn, etc etc. you get it.

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Originally Posted by highonpottery View Post
Growing up we didn't have money to go on real vacations, so camping was common.
I hear you there, we go as often as possible for the same reason. My husband and I both work full time, and camping is a great way to spend quality time with our kids. Plus it gets all of us "unplugged" for a few days.

As for the cake with soda, I hadn't ever tried it that way until this last weekend. I read about it somewhere and googled it, holy cow there are SO many combinations that people have tried! And so many sound amazing, but one can only stuff so much cake into a 2 day period

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That cobbler sounds awesome! Actually so does the rice/bean concoction.

Wish I had something awesome to add but we don't do campfires very often so it's Mountain Home meals supplemented with things that can be cooked with boiling Jet Boil water like instant rice, cous cous, ramens, mashed potatoes and that kind of stuff. We might also throw in some tuna or chicken from those foil packs.
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