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What size bolt holds alternator on?

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What size bolt holds alternator on?

OK, on my alternator there is the adjustable bolt that allows the alternator to rotate to tighten the belt, and there is the pivot bolt that stays stationary and is the one you tighten last. Well somehow the pivot bolt shook loose or fell out (I suspect the guy who owned the truck before me had the water pump changed by this moron of a mechanic we both know), but anyway, I have been able to adjust the fan belt to tight using only the adjustment bolt, as a temporary fix. The truck is an 81 22R, and I am just wondering, what is the proper size of the pivot bolt, and is it regular pitch or fine thread? I have tried to get a couple of bolts to go in the hole but have had no luck whatsoever getting one to take.
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I have no clue about what type bolt can be used. However, I can offer some advice that may or may not help. You can try the dealer. They probably will not have it in stock, but perhaps they can order one. You will probably have a hard time on your own finding one to fit exactly.

I have found all three Toyota dealers in my area to be very helpful when it comes to parts. I am in the process of changing my gear oil and took my skid plate off this weekend to get to the front differential. As is my luck, the previous owner or someone had taken it off before and decided to only put 4 back on-2 in the front and 2 in the back. One was nearly rounded off and I almost didn't get it removed. The bolt head was ruined when I got it out, so now I am one bolt short. I stopped at the dealer today and told him my story. He went to the back and came back with two bolts he said should fit. When I asked him how much, he said, "No charge." Needless to say, I was amazed.

Givem a try. You'll probably have to pay though, but at least you will have the right one. If that doesn't work, you might find one at a junkyard. In all proability though it will be more of a headache and the junkyard will probably charge you more.
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It will be a metric bolt, on my 93 it looks like a M10. Try that , or a M8 if it's smaller. Metric bolts that size only come in one thread size. If you can't find any in Washington, 'Go North young man'

After rereading your post I realise I was talking about the wrong bolt. The one you're missing could be bigger than a M10, maybe M12.

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The guy at the dealership ordered it for me. It looks to be a longish thin bolt that goes through both sides for the alternator before screwing in place. I will let you all know how it goes when it's delivered.
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