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Does my 1994 V6 pickup need a valve adjustment?

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Does my 1994 V6 pickup need a valve adjustment?

The truck:

1994 Extended cab, V6 automatic, 2WD

Today a mechanic told me that there's a valve adjustment that these enginees require. The price seemed high - $400 or so. He says it's about every 60K miles and if you don't do it, you can find yourself needing some expensive engine work. I told him I thought the truck had hydraulic lifters, therefore did not have adjustable valves. He replied that even with hydraulic lifters, there is still a valve adjustment to be done.

Can anybody confirm this?


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There are valve shims that are preset when the put the engine together or when the heads are rebuilt...they shouldn't ever need to be change unless for some reason you lost one (not very possible) or one broke or something (again not very likely). Unless they wre not properly shimmed then you don't need it adjusted...Mine went 350,000 mi before it needed to be rebuilt and there had been no valve work done to it. 22res sometimes need valve adjustments due to the diff head design.
How many miles do you have on the truck?
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If they clack - get them adjusted. Otherwise leave it alone.
They are solid lifters not hydraulic.
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Originally Posted by Marc
If they clack - get them adjusted. Otherwise leave it alone.
They are solid lifters not hydraulic.

Actually you want them to clack a little. If thay make no noise then thay may be getting too tight and you will be looking at a burned valve or a worn cam. Your mechanic is right on the money with this issue and he is about half of what toyota would charge to do the same job.

Will you see any improvment by doing a valve adjustment ?... Probably not but its piece of mind and the actual interval is every 80k I think.
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My 22re has a very loud clacking noise so does this mean it needs a valve adustment. My bro's 22re only has a small clack with a lot of load on the motor so i guess that is normal, meanwhile mine has a clack anywhere from 2600-3400rpm with minimal load, like driving on the highway which is really nerve racking having this noise coming from it. I have about 180 000 miles and i dont know if the adjustment has ever been done, probably not, definetly not within the past 60k. so would you guys diagnose valve adjustment?
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I've been told by a couple of Toyota mechanics (that I trust very much) as long as you change your oil regularly you're not going to need the valves adjusted on the 3 slow. I've never adjusted my valves and I'm at 185,000 miles now. The valvetrain sounds the same as it always has and I bought the vehicle new. I'll let you know when my valves come apart - but I bet the headgasket will first.
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