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Why the heck aint we done this bad boy yet? Sure sounds like a good idea.... looks like someone is willing to host temporarily and someone else can get us a good rate... so why not take up fees from the members, maybe 15-20 bucks when they join and use it to pay for the website, and film for cameras for runs..? just a thought... trying to get this goin again...
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I guess my "why" is a little different.

If people want this to occur, what are the goals and objectives of the organization?

Certainly everyone apparently wants new decals for their truck, but that seems a little odd for motivation!

Glancing around at TLCA and TTORA, it seems to me the objectives are to promote events, and to share information.
Bear in mind I have no experience with either organization, so I'm making superficial guesses.

What do people who support this idea envision as the purpose for the organization?

It can't be to share information, for there is no better place on earth than yototech! (Yeah Corey!!!!)

Things like decal design, and web hosting are way down the list of entertaining questions for this type of endeavor! (Though the designs were very, very cool!!!)

In short, what do you expect to get from it that yototech doesn't provide?
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Scout.... I like your way of thinking.... maybe we should organize to the point of some sort of statewide or regional events to get going, then unite?? just some input..
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Old 02-16-2003, 01:25 AM   #4  
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My Why...

TLCA and TTORA dues paying members get 10-15% discounts at most Toyota parts counters and certain other local shops. That would be my main reason to join such a group that collects dues. Sounds selfish, I know.

Another benefit is willing hands to help with mods or maintainence locally. The Denver area TLCA group has an annual Wheel Bearing Packing Party where they help each other get ready for trail rides and stuff.

Since 4Runner and truck owners are welcome to join already well established groups like TLCA, i'm not sure what this would do besides disperse Toy owners over more and more clubs. You can't belong to all of them.

Even Wild Yotas is picking up membership in several western states. The more associations there are, the less influence each one can have. One united international group like TLCA would have more pull overall than 4 or 5 smaller national or international groups.

I think the idea with 4ROC is to unite 4Runner owners of all types, 2WDs, streeters, and offroaders in one big tent.

OK, i'm rambling. I wrote a whole paragraph that made no since and deleted it. Maybe i'll try to sleep some now.
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I am very willing to pay dues... I am very willing to help with maintenance and repairs locally, since i work in a Ford Dealership's Car and Light Truck shop...And as far as there being other groups, i have not found any groups in my area willing to let anything other than a Jeep join....It would be a great idea to unite all 4 runner owners... maybe even if only by state or region and the only common link being a web-board.
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