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4roc chat transcripts?

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Post 4roc chat transcripts?

Could someone please post the transcript of the earlier (pre-6pm Pacific) chat about 4ROC?

Them's of us there at 6pm pacific are kinda wasting our time.
(and are a wee tad confused, to boot.)
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yeah any of the chat convorsation would be good. i would have joined in, but you have to have AOL stuff and since im at work i can't download any of that stuff.
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Session Start (AIM - madchemistwash:Toy SUV Forum Chat): Tue Jun 17 16:50:48 2003
madchemistwash: So, you think this 4ROC thing is going to work?
mack4runner: I hope so... I am excited about it
denverbikeguy: yeah I think it will happen
madchemistwash: My big fear is that a couple of folks are going to get stuck with alot of work so that the rest can get some nice stickers...
denverbikeguy: haha, well, part of being someone running it is going to involve some work... however I think whoever runs each chapter should get to share in that as part of being a chapter
madchemistwash: I'm wondering whether we need to get the state chapters/clubs together and running first, then worry about getting the National org. together.
denverbikeguy: I think it'll happen simultaneously. But, the chapters should all be formed under some set of guidelines, which implies the existence of something central
denverbikeguy: seems like it could all go right now, it just needs a couple people to bring it together
madchemistwash: Yeah, I'm thinking that if people buy off on the regs I posted on Yota., with a few mods, we can hold off on electing the national board.
denverbikeguy: yep
denverbikeguy: until it gets to a certain membership level it only needs one or two people to run it and keep everything in check
denverbikeguy: look at TLCA - my member number there was 11577 or something, and they have relatively few people running it.
madchemistwash: What I'm thinking of doing is posting a model chapter charter, the same one I will use to get things set up in washington. People can comment, make changes, whatever. The idea is to standardize the chapter charter so that each state is basically buying off on the same set of rules
mack4runner: very good idea
madchemistwash: Then its a piece of cake to get new chapters together, since you've already got the charter, and members just have to agree to it.
madchemistwash: Some provisions can be made for making changes to the rules/regs of the chapter charter, which would have to be approved by the nat. board. IE. we couldn't allow one chapter to start letting Tacoma owners become members.
mack4runner: Hopefully it doesn't end up being a bunch of politics though
madchemistwash: It sounds like Prolax has just about got people settled on a final design for the stickers, then its just a matter of getting a company (street graphics) to produce stickers for all of us, with one sticker being a generic version for people from non-chapter states.
madchemistwash: mack- I agree. Some basic rules need to be setup, but its going to be pretty simple, I don't think any of us want anything too complicated.
denverbikeguy: I like the stickers and logos being tossed around; very cool
denverbikeguy: and I think we can avoid the politics, it seems like everyone is on the same page right now and for the same goals
denverbikeguy: at some point, it will become an issue. in my bike club we're almost at 500 members now and it's happened a couple times, but it has been very small and not really a big issue. Part of the reason is that the few of us runnning it are all dedicated and working towards the same end, i.e. not some kind of personal gain
denverbikeguy: however - you are handling money in 4roc. each member pays dues. Therefore, there must be a central organization, even if small, for perception and accountability. you don't want people wondering where their money goes; that is when the ˟˟˟˟ will fly.
madchemistwash: yup
mack4runner: well guys i'm gonna go grap some dinner back in a while
madchemistwash: later.
*** mack4runner has left the chat.
madchemistwash: We''ll have to figure out the price of membership- I put 20 bucks, but we've got to figure costs of both the sticker, chapter newsletter, Nat. newsletter- both could be online to avoid mailing costs, web fees...
madchemistwash: Don't ask me why it put a heart there, wasn't intentional.
denverbikeguy: haha
denverbikeguy: $20 sounds reasonable, no more though. how often is this newsletter being mailed? online would be prefferable. Could even email people a PDF file. stickers, $1-2 max for die cut ones, a little more with multi-color. Chapter newsletters and all that are handled by the chapter, but they can and should utilize their web space for that.
madchemistwash: Yep, more than 20 is asking for too much, plenty enough left over to supply my crack habit...
madchemistwash: Most of it will be for use by the state chapters for organizing events I guess.
denverbikeguy: and I can easily get the web fees within that range. working on what I could do it for now but it would be very affordable
madchemistwash: I've got to find someone in WA that wants to do the web thing, its not my area.
denverbikeguy: yeah, I think whoever that other guy was seemed into developing the site. I'm more from the hosting side, but can host all of it and bring the cost way down that way
madchemistwash: Well, I've gotta scoot home to let the dog out. Will hopefully be back on around 6:00.
denverbikeguy: cool. not sure if I can hang or not, but you have a lot of my input on this by now, so if i'm gone I will catch back up with everyone later
madchemistwash: We need to make sure all this ends up on yotatech, at least the condensed version- I copied what we've talked about anyways.
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Thanks David!

I do appreciate it!

FWIW, the model you sent out earlier looked very good. Thanks for all your efforts to date!
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No problem. Sounds like the chat at 6:00 was a bit of a bust- I had to run home and never made it back to work for the chat (I don't have internet at my apt. yet). The details are starting to come together though....
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