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3.4L Engine noises

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3.4L Engine noises

Hey guys, new to the forum and in need of some diagnostic help. Recently bought this 97 3.4L 4x4 sr5 and oh boy. Its my first yota and learning quickly. So I bought the suv and it had some issues. couple engine codes, misfires, loss of power; just really rough when trying to accelerate. So....replaced both knock sensors, an ignition coil pack, and put in 6 new ngk dual prong spark plugs along with some ngk wires. OKAY. so, now my engine runs almost perfect and no engine lights and no misfires. now we move to noises. Again, only had for 2 months and have an initial ticking noise. ( I understand there is a normal tick in colder weather etc.) I have another ticking noise I cant seem to figure out though. it seems it is near cylinder 6 on driver side towards the fire wall. the noise doesn't really display itself until I push the petal or move the throttle from idle (~700rmp) to say, ~1500 rpm. I was told it could be valve placement and someone was talking about some shims but I really have no idea. it drives good and all, but the secondary tick noise (almost a rattle type) occurs when let off the throttle when I idles back down.
Hope this wasn't confusing.
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Noises are hard to narrow down .

What does the number six plug look like ??

If it is a valve the plug will be off.

Are sure it is not a loose bracket or heat shield vibrating ??
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i am having this same problem 2003 taco 2.7 engine vibrates in a pulse manner and makes a noise similar to a diesel i read some other threads and a guys timing was off my engine was rebuilt about three years ago and has had hardly any use but this happen after pulling a big log out of the woods.
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this is a post i found in another thread
I have had a few symptoms with my truck that I have been working seperatly, but may have been related.

Issue # 1 was a ticking/clicking noise that has appeared. I took it to a local mechanic, they looked into it & couldn't find the issue.

I then took the truck to a dealer for diagnosis... That proved to be painfull as they said they couldn't find it & that I should consider a rebuild or a
replacement engine replacement engine
. With neither of those sounding like fun I decided to keep driving it, tick & all.

Issue #2 appeared while traveling for xmas, while on my trip (about 300 Miles) my check engine light started to blink. I pulled over waited a bit & it went away. I had to do this about 3-4 times & the 4th time the check engine light stayed on.

With a few searches & posts here, I had to codes pulled, & found out what was going on. Now @ this point, the truck was driving great, lots of power no hesitation @ all.

So I took it back to the local mechanic that had it the week before for the tick & they replaced the spark plugs & a coil. Upon driving the truck for the next few days, I felt a lack of power & some hesitation @ times. Thinking this was me losing it I kept tried to pinpoint what the issue was. On another trip, (same 300 miles) there no doubt that I had an issue. I brought the truck back to the same local dealer & let them do that thing they do.

From what they told me they had 2 tech's & the owner on this, they had two different scan tools, they replaced MAF, Fuel Filter. They did a compression test and a propane test. From what he mentioned, it looks like there is a gear on the crank that was off by 15 degress so looking @ the timing marks that were right on, wasn't enough & he had to dig deeper.

It looks like when I had my timing belt changed, as I was told I needed it @ 70K not 90K, the shop didn't tighten something correctly. Sooo, I'm hopefull that this solves Both issues...& I can get out a rental.. a car even. I have asked that the parts be saved for me so I can talk to the timing belt installer about this...I'll have to cool down alot if this turns out to be culprit. Thanks for the help so far, will post after I get the truck back, cross your fingers for me!!Last edited by Back40Rebel; 01-13-2007 at 06:38 PM. Reason: Had to fix the formatting...
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3.4l, rattle, tick, valves

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