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V6 3.0 EFI question

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V6 3.0 EFI question

im bobby new to the site, but i have a 1989 Toyota 4x4 truck 5spd manual with the V6 3.0 EFI engine, and my plan for the truck is to not totally but somewhat turn it into a baja truck, not gonna swap a bigger motor or anything yet till i get money, but as far as performance parts go, what should i and or what can i put into this V6 to squueze a little bit more power out of it? ive looked on a couple sites and cant seem to find many performance parts, might not be looking in the right places, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

(sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot)
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Welcome, first advice your going to get, so you might as well get it from me nicely, is you need to search. The reason you have had 28 people read this and no responses is because this topic has been debated in numerous posts on here already, no one wants to repeat it.

To answer your question in short, if you want performance, swap the motor for a 4.3L chevy, or 3.4L Toyota, or... This will or course spark debate which may help your post...

The basic idea is that the 3.0L will never be fast, or quick, or powerfull etc. You should learn to love it for what it is. Reliable when cared for, warm in the winter and just enough engine to turn just enough tire to get you into enough trouble to be fun.
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Well said
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Originally Posted by limon32 View Post
Reliable when cared for, warm in the winter and just enough engine to turn just enough tire to get you into enough trouble to be fun.

I like that
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I <3 my 3slow lol. It's true about maintenace, if you love it, it will love you back.
I changed out my plugs distributor, rotor button, flushed everything and did the Sea Foam treatment a couple times... All the usual stuff then blocked my EGR I've gotten not only more power but better fuel economy as well. As far as other "store bought" mods for power, I have no clue. Let me know if you find any free or cheap mods to increase power. I'm all ears. Extremely tight budget and all lol.
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Yeah not much you can do for a 3.0 performance wise. Lower gearing helps more than anything. Too bad Downey off road went out of business before you came around. They were kind of the main desert racer supplier around, you'll probably see a lot of their products around used or someone may pick up their product line.

Check out Total Chaos suspension products for some nice control arm mods. http://www.chaosfab.com/95000UB.html They will cost you though $$$$.

For the rear suspension look into Alcan springs. http://www.alcanspring.com/

You have a pretty tough truck there, they don't make them like that anymore.

BTW welcome to YT.

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welcome, there are performance parts out there for the 3.slow but like every one else said its a waste of time and money. but if your going to stick with the 3.slow you can get headers, a full exhaust, cold air intake, cams. there is a guy on here running nitrous, and a nother who had custom ground cams.

this is not my truck
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thanks for the reply's and i apologize for posting this, i should have looked around more as well as more research...but im just kinda tinkering with the 3.0 just for fun, but i have a V8 350 SB with a few mods done to it, puts out about a good 420 horse, thought about swaping it into my truck from the camaro..but might as well sell the camaro with the engine...and as for my truck right now, its got some timing added to it, NX purge kit, CA intake, 80 series flowmaster mufflers, cat and stock muffler MIA. But thanks again thanks for the reply's.

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A little bit off topic but if u want a nice sounding truck and a bit more performance..get some Doug Thorley headers a little bit spendy but they are well worth it..talk to MaK92-4RnR, and ask him about his exhaust. In my opinion would be the first place to start with the exhaust. if u want to stick with the 3.0.. I also love my 3.0 its better than my 2.2L Chev S10 I used to have, but not with MPGs but oh well i love her anyways. Good luck and welcome to Yotatech.
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Originally Posted by MudHippy View Post
I'll give one freebie.

Setting the timing, try setting it as advanced as it will go and still idle smooth. Speaking of idle, the speed of which will increase the more advanced you go. Just keep dialing it back to 800. Then bump the timing more advanced.

Rinse and repeat.

You'll eventually find a happy medium. Depending on certain conditions like exhaust backpressure, intake air restriction, and other factors you'll be able to advance it much further than the pitiful 10 recommended by Toyota. Who did that on purpose to "detune" the engine. They're infamous for it, this trick works on all their pre-OBDII engines.

Try this tip out, then take 'er for a spin.

You'll see. Makes a HUGE difference does it not?

Mine runs like a bat out of hell with the timing set at ~23 BTDC. Other mods applied to achieve that result. All simple and cheap though, but I'm not in the mood to elaborate at the moment. No headers, no cams, no K&N, none of those. Other things, cheaper, simpler, more effective in some senses.

Ah, what the hell, I'm typing this anyway.

ISR mod + solid core spark plug wires + spark plug gap @ .036" + ignition timing set to ~23 BTDC + 91 octane gasoline + AFM 3 clicks lean(idle mixture screw adjustment required for smooth idle) + muffler removed + half hollow catalytic convertor + EGR delete + PAIR delete + my foot planted to the floor on the accelerator pedal = 3VZE that blows right by your stupid _ord with a V8.

So much for the one freebie I guess...
If I had money to blow, it would be spent on headers, cams, MSD ingition, and a MegaSquirt III to make it SFI(sequential fuel injection)and be able to run larger injectors. That's gonna cost around $2200 or more though. $600+ for the headers, $600+ for the MS III, $300-$400 for the cams, $300 for the MSD, $300 for larger injectors. Maybe a nitrous or meth injection kit too if all that wasn't good enough, but I'm thinking it would be.

And I'm actually pretty pleased with it as is. It's got all the torque I need already, plus a little.

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Thank you Mudhippy

You are the man Mud!! i know this is an old thread but its just what i needed
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