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1991 Toyota Pickup blown headgasket maybe

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1991 Toyota Pickup blown headgasket maybe

I have a 1991 Toyota pickup with 290,000 miles on it. I was letting the truck warm up one day and it kept cutting out and sputtering like it was about to die. My friend told me it was probably over heating. I then put some coolant in it because it was fairly low. After I put the coolant in I looked in the radiator and there was a bunch of oil in it. I figured it must be a blown head gasket or cracked head. I don't know what to do here because I have people telling me to do various things. Some say to just rebuild, but others say it would more than a thousand to rebuild because then I would have to machine the head and bore out the cylinders. Others say it probably isnt worth rebuilding for that much when I could buy a crate motor for $1900 or just buy a new vehicle. I was wondering what my options are and how much a rebild would cost?

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Those sound like all your options, For me I would pull the head and it depends on what it looks like after it's removed, Right now your only guessing the problem and fixes, pulling head will give you a better course. Only you can make the desision on what to do, Different shops charge different amounts for rebuilds, Is the crate motor long or short block?
At the dealer a new short block without the head is $2100+tax (NOT installed) since you didn't say I assume you have a 22R-E, EB head is around $535 with a 268 for the lower cost head. add a OEM head gasket from dealer for $45, Then get a EB 4 piece al-a-cart front engine kit for $146 and an EB gasket kits for around 60, and head bolts for $30, get new OEM exhaust studs and nuts for around 30, there are other misc. gaskets for air injection tubes gaskets and EGR not included in EB gasket kit.
So if you can get a rebuilt motor installed for $1900 go fot it...
Check out my build thread, might help you to decide...
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Ya i have a 22re. The crate motor for $1900 is a long block brand new. I just didn't know if $1900 was worth it or not especially to put in a beat up yota. My friend says he was able to rebuild his 22re for about $500 just buy buying a used head and a rebuild kit. But if that crate motor is a better deal than rebuilding I might do it. I also have not took apart my motor yet to see what the true problem is. Thanks for the reply
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If you put a new motor in be ready to put a new clutch kit in too if yours has alot of miles or original and or you have a rear seal leak or a trans input shaft retainer seal leak contaminated your disc, You won't know till you take motor out, you can get an Aisin OEM style clutch kit from TrailGear for around $145, plus it also depends on the condition of your flywheel, your going to have to get it resurfaced, that's around 35 bucks, if it's bad then a new one will be in order. Extra items you'll have to do too, Have fun, I did on my build :}LOL
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290,000 miles, time for a rebuild. Even if the old head is trash, you can buy a reman with valves and cam for $350-400
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I just finished overhauling the 22R engine in my '87 pickup. The cylinder bores and crankshaft were still pretty much in spec so I didn't have to pay for machine work. It took a lot of time, more than I expected. It runs OK now and I think it was worth it, but it's a subjective personal decision whether to rebuild, buy a new block or engine or get another truck.

Mine "only" has 275,000 miles on it and I've had to replace the rear wheel bearings, rear differential, ball joints, etc., so that's another consideration, are other things going to need fixing once you have the engine fixed?

I think it boils down to a question of a hobby. If you like the truck and like working on it, and it's a hobby then go ahead with the rebuild or new engine.

If it's not much more than practical transportation, then consider buying a newer lower mileage truck. Just my opinion and I tend to keep vehicles too long after they are just too old and worn out.

Edit: I think if I was doing it over again I'd consider increasing the compression or doing more to get more power. But engine mod's can be a slippery slope and you have to research and know what you are doing.


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