Toyota Tacoma Baja Build Is a Turn-Key Desert Racer

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This honest-to-goodness Baja 1000 veteran lets you hit the sand for a song.

Admit it, you’ve always had dreams of racing in the legendary Baja 1000. Heck, we all have. Who wouldn’t want to blast across the sand at high speed, praying your truck stays in one piece so you can simply finish the race. Unfortunately, building a truck that can handle that kind of abuse isn’t easy. Or cheap. So for most of us, Baja remains what it always has been – a dream.

But what if we told you there’s an honest to goodness Tacoma Baja build for sale, and that it’s pretty doggone affordable? And when we say it’s a Baja build, we mean it. Because this Tacoma actually participated in the legendary race back in 2008. Now the Sportsman class build was recently up for grabs via Worldwide Vintage Autos with a very reasonable asking price of $29,900. Where else can you find a bonafide race truck that cheap?

Sure, the engine is 100% stock as per the class rules. But we can safely say that everything else is anything but. The seller claims that the cage alone cost $50k, and we don’t doubt it. That tubular masterpiece is surrounded by removable body panels, loads of off road lighting, and some serious rolling stock.


Inside, things are all business, as you’d expect them to be. Tons of gauges, a removable steering wheel, and some seats with racing harnesses are all you need, anyway. Oh, and of course, a serious suspension setup. The Tacoma Baja build even comes with the paperwork needed to cross the Mexican border for the race.


If there’s a more race-ready Baja truck out there, we haven’t seen it yet. When you throw in the fact that it’s priced like a new economy sedan, it’s gonna be hard not to pull the trigger and live out your desert racing dreams.

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