Toyota FJ Cruiser is a Weekend Overlanding Warrior

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Toyota FJ Cruiser

Adventure-loving Yota truck offers the cure for wanderlust.

The Instagram account of Phił Convissor is a wonderland of expedition action. Convissor’s Toyota FJ Land Cruiser is a rad rig, and it has been prepped into a mighty overlanding vehicle. From taking the trails, to camping, to going off-road, Convissor does it all with his adept Yota, and his Instagram account takes us all along for the trip.

The Toyota FJ Land Cruiser is a great choice for road trips, off-roading, and adventure-seeking. We don’t have a lot of details on the FJ, but it has been beautifully maintained and is one tough truck. Convissor has made his it very outdoor-capable: It is lifted, sports some tough tires, has modified bumper, lights, and is fitted with a rooftop tent. In other words, it’s ready to go whenever you are.

Toyota FJ Land Cruiser

Man, it is fun to get that Cruiser dirty!

Toyota FJ Land Cruiser

Convissor really shows off what the overlanding expedition life is all about. After scrolling through these pictures, we’re ready to hit the road.

I love when it rains 😍

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