Battered Toyota Tundra Makes a Ferrari 458 Look Slow (Video)

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NASCAR Toyota Tundra

Pick up used in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is back on track.

Showing up at a track day with a Ferrari almost guarantees that you’ll be the fastest driver on the track, and also the most hated. While that’s usually the case, auto enthusiast Brian Denman is here to crash the party.

Denman’s story, which can be found in its entirety on EvolutionM Forums, is definitely a unique one. The forum member was looking for a bespoke track-only vehicle and eventually came upon a retired Toyota Tundra that competed in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

NASCAR Toyota Tundra

The truck, which once wore the blue and red color scheme of the #9 Geico truck driven by Max Papis in 2009, underwent a major transformation with the exterior now featuring a menacing shade of black. The vehicle arrived as a rolling chassis, with Denman adding various goodies to ensure the truck would astonish on the track.

He had to install an engine, a transmission, a seat, and rear gear. Not an easy list to complete, especially when the owner’s looking to keep things completely original. To that end, a TRD Phase 14 engine that pumps out 840 horsepower moves the monstrous pickup, making it brutally fast on the track.

The video above reveals just how easily the pickup truck reels in a Ferrari 458 on the track. While this video gives you a better look at the truck. If you’re going to go for a track-only car, you can’t go wrong with an old NASCAR machine.

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