Top Speed Gets Behind the Wheel of a 2017 Tundra

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‘It’s a very cool truck,’ sums the auto experts in video review.

Toyota entered the full-size pickup truck segment, which has been dominated by American automakers, headfirst with the Tundra back in 2000. Now in its second generation, not a lot has changed with the truck since the latest variant came out in 2007. Sure, there was an update for the truck in 2014, but the majority of changes were from an aesthetic standpoint. Is that a bad thing? Top Speed gets behind the wheel of a 2017 Tundra to find out.

After a lengthy walk around of the truck, pointing out the Tundra’s spacious interior, usable bed, and some of the nicer aesthetic touches, the review begins at around the 12-minute mark with a statement that sums up the truck nicely. “It’s a very cool truck, it’s interesting, it’s got character to it,” said Top Speed. Top Speed Review 2017 Toyota Tundra

As Top Speed reports, the vehicle does also have a few faults, with the crew commenting that it is top heavy to drive, and the interior “feels old.” But as Top Speed points out, these aren’t necessarily bad things.

“It feels like just a more sporty truck than what the competitors have,” said Top Speed. The truck, while not feeling any faster than a comparable model, feels like it fits into a sporty, active lifestyle, claims the outlet. Top Speed Review 2017 Toyota Tundra

Besides a little bit of shake coming from the rear end, Top Speed notes that the Tundra is well composed. The steering wheel has good feel, and the 5.7-liter V8, which may not be as high-tech as other motors on the road, still gets the job done.

Is the Tundra old? Yes, very. But as Top Speed finds, the truck is still fun to drive and can complete any task that a driver decides to tackle.

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