Old Tacoma Takes On New Tacoma. Can It Hang?

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A 1998 and a 2018 Tacoma head to Canada to see how far Toyota has come in 20 years. 

Check out this excellent video from Autoblog in which they head out to the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest with one brand-new Tacoma TRD Pro and an original Tacoma to see which handles the route a little better. In a move that should surprise nobody who has ever driven one, neither truck gets even a little bogged down on the light forest trails they managed to find.

The world has come a long way in the last 20 years, and the Tacoma has progressed right along with it. What was once a diminutive pickup with minimal creature comforts is now practically a full-sized truck (by 1998 standards), and is a genuinely comfortable place to spend time on the road. Not only that, but you can actually haul things with it, too. Off-road prowess has improved as well, with optional Fox shock absorbers. The new TRD Pro is one heck of a truck, capable of taking down anything in its path, but it’s important to note that the Tacoma of old is still pretty darn awesome.

The video is very informative and tells the facts as they see them. This is a new truck review without too much fluff, even though they’ve taken the pair of them to what might be the most beautiful countryside we’ve seen in a truck-review video. Check it out. They even spot a bear!

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